Italtouch truffle products have been a great addition to my pantry. I use the truffle sauce for making pastas and pizza and the truffle salt for seasoning my steaks. My secret ingredient is the balsamic truffle pearls that is soooo good with steaks. When you put a slice of steak in your mouth with some of the pearls on it, you will get a burst of aged balsamic vinegar and truffle which complements the beef perfectly. Oh, and one of the best pairing ever is the truffle honey with gorgonzola dolce DOP which we sell in the tub. Scoop some gorgonzola on a Valley Produce Company (VPC) thin cracker and layer on some truffle honey, put it in your mouth and be ready to send your taste buds to culinary heaven.

We have just started selling some cocktails in a can made with premium ingredients. I brought the espresso martini to a friend’s place and everyone loved it. You can watch how to prepare it to get the perfect foam here! A tip I got from the producer is to sprinkle a bit of salt on the foam for the first sip as the nitrogen in the foam affects the taste buds and the drink will seem sweeter so the salt helps to balance it out. Subsequently mouthfuls will be less sweet and simply perfect! 

Excite your appetite!