All of you (franchisee of record) have or will receive DocuSign emails from KFCC today (Saturday, March 28) or in the next couple of days, asking you to sign a Participation Agreement with UberEats. I have reviewed and approved these agreements—and strongly advise you to sign them as part of our effort to expand your reach into the digital economy in a time that is critical to reach customers at home.
A couple of quick notes:
  • The fee for this is 17%, which is significantly lower than the standard UE agreement, AND your menu will be marked up 17% on the UE site automatically, so that the charge is passed straight through to the customer. In short, the UE service costs you nothing;
  • To discontinue service, all you do is cancel and return the iPad provided;
  • If you are already using WE, this agreement will automatically replace the one you have—so check your existing fee structure.
The only note of caution I have, and it is nothing new, is to make sure you understand that if an UE’s driver is in ana accident, or otherwise does something that injures a customer, UE is NOT insuring you. You will likely not be liable (as you didn’t cause any harm), but if you are sued, you will have to rely on the driver’s insurance and your own insurance for any exposure you do have.  Again—this is not new. If you have been doing business with UberEats, Postmates, or DoorDash, this is standard operating procedure.