Uganda is the ONLY country in the world where you can find lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo, chimpanzee and mountain gorillas. So why would you go anywhere else to see the big 5 when you can see the big 7 here- including the amazing mountain gorillas! Alongside the cultural and adventure attractions, Uganda has over 50% of Africa's bird species, making it a must for all wildlife enthusiasts. 
Top reasons why all wildlife lovers must visit Uganda:


Uganda have been cracking down on poaching recently, as Yuoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda, has approved the Uganda wildlife Act 2019, which is extremely positive for the conservation and sustainable management of wildlife in the country. 

Aiming to help Uganda directly tackle the issue of poaching and wildlife trafficking of endangered species, since there will be high fines or life sentences for anyone who engages in these activities. Which encourages the conservation of their stunning National Parks and incredible wildlife.

PERMIT FEES:  To ensure increased protection for the mountain gorillas the Uganda Wildlife Authority will be raising permit fees by $100 from 1 st July 2020 . 
Increase in wildlife

Uganda have been extremely lucky to experience an increase in wildlife over the past few years, with there now being over 5,000 elephants in the country. Compared to less than 40 years ago when there were only 700 elephants, support from the government has helped this growth dramatically.  Due to shockingly high levels of poaching in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Queen Elizabeth National Park has seen a large increase in elephant numbers as they are migrating to Uganda for security.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has seen an increase of around 1,000 or more gorillas from 2012 to 2019, making these primates more prominent in the park. Mountain gorillas were reclassified to endangered from previously being critically endangered  in November 2018 by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which is great news for the species. 

                                                   One of the worlds best safaris

It comes as no surprise that Uganda has one of the best safaris in the world, yet this is not merely due to the famous mountain gorillas  in Bwindi National Park, as there is an abundance of different varieties of wildlife that grace the country.
It is one of the few destinations where you can enjoy a 4WD safari in the morning and then a stunning boat safari in the afternoon - for example in Murchinson Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks  or you might catch a glimpse of one of the tree climbing lions as you drive through this country. Finally it is also home to a large number of chimpanzee groups - including in Kibale National Park - where you can spend the morning trekking amongst our close relations in the depths of this forest.

A Birding Paradise 
Unknown  to many, Uganda is an absolute  birding paradise, boasting over an impressive 1063 species. Making the Uganda one of the richest birding destinations in Africa, with many different environments to witness  some of the vast amount of species. 

Adventure Activities 
If you're a true adventure seeker then there are many opportunities for you to get an adrenaline rush in Uganda! From bungee jumping to white-water rafting there are more than enough activities available for adrenaline junkies. 

Culture Lovers
Considering that Uganda has over 30 diverse indigenous languages as well as similarly different arts, handicrafts and mosaic of music, it is not shocking to here that you can enjoy a culture trip in Uganda.

We offer both small group trips and private tailormade trips to Uganda.  Below are a couple of our popular trips, but do contact us if you would like us to design your perfect itinerary.

See chimpanzees, mountain gorillas and a variety of other wildlife alike no other, on this unique opportunity to explore wonderful national parks, some of the best in Uganda! Experience a range of different habitats, trail 
through the tropical rainforest and even discover the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.  

The White Nile is one of the best places in the world to learn to kayak - surrounded by countless easy channels and flows , c ol ourful wildlife, warm water with a relaxed lifestyle. The trip aims to start from the  basics, teaching the essential flat water and mo ving water skills. For those with experience we will focus on consolidating skills and ironing out bad habits.

Uganda & Rwanda

Whilst Uganda certainly has the quality and quantity of wildlife for any wildlife connoisseur - we are also able to offer this in combination with Rwanda, just over the border.

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