Nonprofit Insider: April 15, 2020
Fittingly, today is National That Sucks Day. We don't mean to be crass, but 2020 has sucked a little bit, right?!

  • We can't see our members in person and That Sucks!
  • The dog keeps sitting on the laptop keys and That Sucks!
  • Zoom bombing is a thing and That Sucks!
  • The kids [demons] spilled the wine and colored on the walls and That Sucks!
  • There's snow in April and That Sucks!

All jokes aside, we hope you are surviving "the new norm." We are here for whatever you may need and we stand by you while this plain SUCKS!
Virtual Board Management Doesn't Have to Suck
Join Adam Bratton, Executive Director with The Nonprofit Partnership, for "The Dos & Don'ts of Virtual Board Management."

Please join us: TOMORROW, Thursday, April 16th at 11:00 AM

You should tune in because: Boards of Directors need to be able to function effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic (and always). Tune in for tips and best practices!
An Update from The Erie Community Foundation
The Erie Community Foundation recently released an update regarding their Helping Today Grant Cycle 2 and the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund:

Helping Today Cycle 2 will continue using the April 28th deadline already established. Organizations may apply for either a traditional Helping Today grant or a COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund award. Read more now.
Materials Available to Nonprofits
Pennsylvania Correctional Industries (PCI) is a Bureau of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) that employs inmates to produce a variety of items that are available for sale to nonprofit organizations located throughout Pennsylvania.
PCI is currently taking orders for the following materials:

  • Cloth masks
  • Anti-viral/anti-bacterial surface sanitizer - spray bottles and gallon containers
  • Gowns
  • Bar soap
PPP... easy as 123! Or... is it?
Last week, the topic of discussion was applying for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan through the Small Business Administration. This week, we're asking "how did it go?" Please click here or below to take a very short survey.

Your responses will help us to assess the effectiveness of the PPP and necessary next steps/resources to assist you during this time. Thank you in advance!
April is National Humor Month (even during a pandemic)
It's okay to laugh and enjoy humor during the pandemic (it's actually good for your mental health, too)!

Comedy Campaign submission highlight: "A Conference Call in Real Life" - submitted by Jacob Bartko, Executive Director with Community Access Media. Check it out here!
Resource Highlight: COVID-19 Loan Application Assistance
Bridgeway Capital, in partnership with Paramount, is offering free loan application assistance.

Consultants will work with you one on one to understand the process, the details required, and help put the application together so you can submit your loan request with confidence. Learn more now.
Strategy Solutions is hosting a series of upcoming webinars. Learn more about them here . Visit the webinar registration pages here .
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