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1. A multipolar world is emerging

2. ForeignPolicy.News

3. Solidarity with the Uhurus who are under attack for Russian stance


1.      A multipolar world is emerging: (The U.S. and the West) vs. (China, Russia & The Global South)


"We are coming to the end of Western political and economic dominance ... The world is going to be at least bi-polar and possibly multi-polar," - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, July 17, 2022.

"And it’s very important, even in this moment of difficulty, to keep alive the values of multilateralism. We need a world that is multipolar, with multilateral institutions" - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, April 26, 2022

In the past few months it has become apparent that a multipolar world in which the U.S. is no longer the lone superpower is either here or is quickly approaching.

Though America’s decline has been slowly occurring, it now appears that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has, paradoxically, accelerated a new global order where it is gaining power while the U.S. and Europe are losing power. 

U.S. sanctions on Russia have backfired as the West begins to realize how important Russian commodities are to the world. American arrogance, petulance and thirst for world domination is driving other countries out of its sphere of influence at a pace not previously seen. 

Since Russia began attacking Ukraine in February, China, India and much of the Global South (previously disparagingly called ‘developing countries’ or ‘third world countries’) has begun to reject U.S. demands regarding Russia. This is in part due to their understanding of Western hypocrisy, bullying and long history of interference in their country’s affairs.


Right or wrong, Russia’s willingness to stand up to the U.S. and Europe has given a voice to the Global South – nations who have suffered for decades under Western imperial rule. Not only do many of these countries no longer respect the West’s neoliberal, interventionist “Rules Based Order”, but they are also beginning to not fear it.

Implications of a global realignment will be understood as time passes, and what this means for everyday people in the U.S. is something to consider. 

America’s fixation on global primacy suggests that although its hegemonic power is diminishing, it will not let go without a fight – this is clearly one of the reasons it continues to escalate the war in Ukraine and has no desire for a peaceful resolution. But American Empire builders may not get what they want for the first time in decades.




2. ForeignPolicy.News

We have created a new website solely dedicated to U.S. foreign policy news:


Within days of the new site being active, Google suspended the site’s account due to “suspicious payments” (even though the site does not accept donations nor run any advertisements) and because the site “violated the Circumventing systems policy”.

For now, you can access the site at: https://www.foreignpolicy.news/

Alan MacLeod of MintPress News published a lengthy expose this week titled “Google Ranks Are Filled With CIA Agents” which helps explain why so many independent news sites are either black-balled or shadow-banned by Google, such as what’s happened to us. MacLeod’s report is filled with dozens of cases that give context to what is happening and portrays a new revolving door between the U.S. security state and Big Tech. MacLeod also wrote, “Meet the Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy.”


3. Solidarity with the Uhurus

St. Pete for Peace stands in 100% solidarity with the Uhuru Movement who came under attack on Friday by the FBI and Justice Dept for alleged ties to a Russian citizen trying to interfere with U.S. elections. The charges are as tired and preposterous as they are serious.

FBI: Russian national used Uhuru House for propaganda, election meddling, feds say (nbcnews.com)

FBI investigating Russian interference possibly linked to St. Petersburg Uhuru Movement (tampabay.com)

FBI: Uhuru House infiltrated by Russian national (wfla.com)

Anti-Russia hysteria has been sweeping the U.S. for years, and our efforts – and countless others - have been significantly touched by it, so it is not shocking to see what is happening to the Uhurus, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing or infuriating to watch our friends in St. Petersburg get persecuted for their beliefs.

Uhuru Chairman Omali Yeshitela was taken away in handcuffs, the Uhuru House in St. Petersburg was raided, and at least 3 other Uhuru members, including Jesse Nevel are reportedly under investigation.

In 2003 we began working with the Uhurus and we have always had complete respect for their leadership, advanced knowledge and principled stance on Western imperialism, free speech and liberation.

The DOJ may find a way to make a case that the Uhurus earned money from somebody who has connections to the Russian government, but that’s not a crime, even it were true. And accusations that the Uhurus could ever be bought off to influence a U.S. presidential election are naïve.  

Given that former National Security Advisor John Bolton, former CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former CIA Director James Woolsey recently admitted, on camera, to U.S. interference in other countries elections, the charges against the Uhurus are even more duplicitous.