As the calendar turns to February, Ukraine approaches the one year mark of Russia’s all out invasion. The country endured the initial offensive, stopping the Russian advance short of Kyiv and reversing many Russian gains. Since October and through the winter, Ukrainians have endured an onslaught of Russian missiles aimed at making their lives miserable.

  • Global interest in Ukraine’s fate spiked early in the war, as was evident in huge audiences that came to VOA for news. As the conflict drags on, is that interest waning? What is in store for Ukraine as Year Two of Russia’s invasion begins?
  • With one more month of the coldest weather remaining, how well are Ukrainians standing up to the barrages aimed to cutting of their heat and water? And what is the status of the winter military stand-off in the country’s southeast?
  • Russia’s influence campaigns are aimed many places around the world, including its outreach on the continent of Africa and its disinformation efforts at home, inside Ukraine and elsewhere. Russia has made disinformation a part of warfare, referred to as hybrid war. What are Russian’s goals with its influence and information warfare?  
Ukraine a Year After the Russian Invasion: A Look Ahead
02/01/23 4:30pm - 02/01/23 5:30pm

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Moderator: Myroslava Gongadze, Eastern Europe Chief, VOA News Center

Opening Remarks and Global Audience Discussion:
  • Matthew Baise, VOA Director of Digital Strategy 
  • Yolanda López, Acting VOA Director
Panel Discussion:
  • George Barros, Geospatial Intelligence Team, Institute for the Study of War
  • Melinda Haring, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
  • Ruslan Petrychka, Chief, VOA Ukrainian service

Audience Q&A: Rafael Saakov, TV Anchor & Reporter, VOA Russian Service
More details about the speakers can be found at InsideVOA.
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