6 July 2022

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Ukraine relief update
from FaithWorks ministry partner PWRDF

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“Abundance and grace call us to be generous and trusting”
The Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury
The following article from our ministry partner,
the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF), is an example of the work
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PWRDF Ukraine Relief Update for FaithWorks (part 1)

By Janice Biehn,
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Today [May 24] marks the three-month anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s not the sort of milestone one likes to note, yet we must. Since February 24, more than 8 million Ukrainians – women, children and elderly – have been forced to leave their homes and find safety within Ukraine, and 6.5 million people have left the country, some living in crowded refugee camps or in cities, vulnerable to other stressors. Since February 24, more than 1.5 million Ukrainians – women, children and elderly – have been forced to leave their homes and find safety within Ukraine, and millions more have left the country, some living in crowded refugee camps or in cities, vulnerable to other stressors. According to the United Nations, 3,778 civilians have been killed and 4,186 wounded. The Ukrainian government estimates 2,500-3,000 soldiers have been killed, and 10,000 wounded. The Russian government has recorded 1,351 soldier deaths, and 3,825 wounded.
Canada is home to the third largest population of Ukrainians in the world (second only to Ukraine and Russia). One of those Ukrainian Canadians is Patricia Maruschak, PWRDF’s Director of Partnerships and Programs, who started with us four days after the invasion began.

"The first weeks of the war were so upsetting," Maruschak told the Winnipeg Free Press. Besides having Ukrainian heritage, Maruschak has also lived and worked in Ukraine for many years. "I still have friends and former colleagues in that country, and some relatives. It’s heartbreaking to hear how their lives have been shattered."

The response from Canadians grew quickly.

Anglican parishes have launched fundraising campaigns, held countless events and organized benefit concerts to show their solidarity. To date, PWRDF has received more than $800,000 in donations from individuals and parishes.

Maruschak has been working closely with PWRDF’s Humanitarian Relief Coordinator, Naba Gurung, to effectively disburse these funds. So far, we are supporting responses of two international organizations and three local organizations. PWRDF is making a concerted effort to partner with local organizations because we believe Ukrainians are best positioned to understand local needs. They are invested in helping their fellow citizens and rebuilding Ukraine once the war ends. 
Hungarian Interchurch Aid receives $170,000 from PWRDF

“During the first days [of the war] we tried to tell the children it was thunder. But when the active bombing started and the missiles fell near the house, the children started screaming. They didn’t want to leave the shelter [of furniture] so they ate there, they went to the toilet there. They were really very, very scared. That is why I realized that there was no time to wait and it was time to evacuate somewhere.” Irina, 31, on the difficult decision to leave Ukraine 
PWRDF is a member of the ACT Alliance, a global faith-based coalition of more than 140 churches and related agencies working in humanitarian assistance, long-term development, and advocacy. HIA is also a member of the ACT Alliance. This allowed us to quickly provide much needed funds. HIA is one of the largest charitable organizations in Hungary and it has had a permanent presence in Ukraine for more than 20 years.

HIA is working closely with the local governments and more than 20 local first-responder groups in Ukraine. It has been shipping food and distributing other relief goods to internally displaced people who have not crossed into Hungary. With connections to the local authorities on both sides of the border, HIA is able to ship food and other essentials, and life-saving medical equipment and supplies from Hungary into Ukraine.

HIA has established two 24-hour refugee support points (one in Hungary and one in Ukraine), and is providing safe transportation to railway hubs, and food and hygiene kits for new arrivals. In the first two weeks of the war we allocated $100,000 to this response. In mid-May, we received a 2.5 to 1 matching fund from the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, turning $20,000 from our designated donations into $70,000.
... to be continued in the next edition of FaithLines.
PWRDF is supporting international and local partners providing emergency relief to Ukrainians.

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