Issue No. 26
October 18, 2019
Ukraine Celebrates Defender Day
Women Veterans of "Invisible Battalion" Visit USUF
By USUF Staff

A group of Ukrainian women veterans of the Invisible Battalion project visited the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation to discuss their advocacy for recognition of women’s contributions to the Ukrainian military, equal employment opportunities and a range of social issues, including the prevention of sexual assault and improved mental health services for active and veteran servicewomen.  

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Former UA Health Minister Visits USUF
By USUF Staff

Ulana Suprun, Ukraine’s former Minister of Health (2016-2019), visited the the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation to discuss the successes and challenges of her tenure leading the transformation of the Ukrainian healthcare system. The American-born medical doctor is widely admired for bringing the Ukrainian healthcare system that was mired in post-Soviet inefficiency into line with the modern model of a number of its European Union neighbors, producing tangible improvements for tens of millions of Ukrainians.

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USUF Co-founder & President Meets With Women's Group in Kyiv
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Ukraine’s civil society continues to thrive and diversify. That was the major impression following US-Ukraine Foundation Co-founder and President Nadia K. McConnell’s breakfast meeting with a diverse group of activists representing a broad professional spectrum.

The breakfast discussion was organized by the Foundation of Ukrainian Women (FUW), a group offering various educational and learning opportunities for self-sufficient Ukrainian professionals. These include visits abroad to observe the work of international organizations and parliaments and help participants to develop a better appreciation of the cultural environment in which these entities operate. The FUW also publishes Hryshevskoho 5, an interdisciplinary journal under the auspices of the Verkhovna Rada.
Made in Ukraine Tech Startup Edition
An Interview with Andrei Komarovski, CEO of Ukrainian Startup Accelerator Sector X
By Mike Buryk, USUF Advisory Board

Andrei Komarovski is the CEO of the Ukraine tech startup accelerator Sector X. Sector X is a program offered by the UNIT.City innovation park in Kyiv, Ukraine. Andrei talks about the accelerator and the tech startups participating in it. 

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