September Canadian Newsletter

Suddenly it’s September! In Ukrainian the month is veresen’, named after the beautiful erica violet flowers (veres) in bloom. Easy to get it mixed up with berezen’ (March) which refers to the start of birch trees growing.    

It’s a very different kind of back to school for students across Canada. This week we spoke with Ukrainian Canadian educators about challenges and recommendations for students and parents. On September 16th we will be co-hosting a webinar with SUSK on the situation facing post-secondary students. I may contribute my thoughts on the experience as mature part-time graduate student!  

The new online style of work has also presented new opportunities to connect with people across Canada and around the world in very direct ways. Our outreach plan involves reaching out to Ukrainian Canadians all across Canada, particularly in smaller communities, to learn more about their needs. Canada’s Parliament will also return at the end of the month, and the UCC's Ottawa office is preparing to brief MPs on the important issues of concern for our community, including quality long-term care for seniors.   

I would like to extend a special thank you to the many generous donors who supported our work over the summer. We are grateful and inspired by your support, which allows the important community building work to continue full-steam ahead!   

I hope that you have a warm and safe September wherever this message finds you! 
Ihor Michalchyshyn
CEO & Executive Director
A page in history
The first Ukrainian school in Canada
Унікальне фото! Перша школа українців у Манітобі (Канада), Plum Ridge School, відкрита в 1898 році в селянській хаті. Початкова назва - Galicia. Фото 1908 року. 

З книги Ореста Субтельного "Ukrainians in North America. An illustrated history", University of Toronto Press.

Unique photo of the first Ukrainian school in Manitoba, Plum Ridge School, which opened its doors in 1898 inside a pioneer's home. Originally, the name of the school was Galicia. Photo circa 1908.

From the book by Orest Subtelny "Ukrainians in North America. An illustrated history", University of Toronto Press.

Ukrainian Canadians reaching out across the country during COVID-19
Feature from the Canadian Red Cross
Since early spring days when the social distancing rules came into effect, the UCC has been trying to keep Ukrainian Canadians well-informed and connected. Be it through our newsletters, community conversation series or celebrating Ukrainian culture - we continue working hard with our community always in mind. [Read full article here]
We thank Canadian Red Cross and ESDC for helping us make our project possible.
Donor's Corner
Welcome our new PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE CLUB member - Dr. Roy Cullimore!
I always get inspired when non-Ukrainian donors join our UCC Family. And when a donor joins the President’s Circle, that makes me think “we must be doing something extraordinary”!
I am very humbled to welcome Dr. Roy Cullimore to our family. Dr. Cullimore was born in England and emigrated to Canada in his early 30’s where he took a post as Assistant Professor of Microbiology and eventually as a full professor at the University of Saskatchewan. Besides being a scientist, he is also a consultant, inventor, a retired professor (University of Regina), a successful business owner (Droycon Bioconcepts Inc.), and a supporter of the UCC’s work [...Click to continue reading the story]
written by Janine Kuzma, UCC National Fund Development Manager
Community News
Support for the people of Belarus
UCC and partners write to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs on Belarus
UCC Special Briefing on the situation
in Belarus
UCC Community Conversation series
Have you watched these?
Every aspect of our Ukrainian Canadian community life has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the past months. Individuals and organizations have responded with remarkable resiliency and creativity.
Join our “Community Conversations” that bring together community leaders from various sectors to talk about how they’ve faced challenges and what they’re doing to adapt.
Canada-wide celebration of the Ukrainian Independence Day 2020
August 24th 2020 marked the 29th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. This year, communities turned to local flag raising ceremonies and large scale virtual celebrations. UCC has kicked off the celebrations with greetings from our President, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada as well by having Ukrainians from across the country sing along Ukrainian and Canadian anthems. [Take a look...]

On the day, many Canadian Parliamentarians shared greetings for Ukraine and our Ukrainian Canadian community, you can click on the button below to read those.
Ukrainians in New Brunswick let's connect!
Ukrainian Club in Moncton is coordinating the community survey in New Brunswick to find out how many Ukrainians live in the province.

Громада також прагне розпочати переговори з представниками Української Греко-Католицької церкви в Канаді з приводу створення української церкви на території провінції.

The survey [linked here] is available until September 9, 2020 to fill out.
Photo: Ukrainian Club of Moncton,
Facebook page
Survey on Covid-19
The UCC has been working with the federal government to convey policy proposals which would address some of the challenges being faced by this sector, especially now with Covid-19.

The Shevchenko Foundation is currently conducting a community survey to get a better understanding of the impacts on organizations and individuals in our community. We plan to work together with them this fall to present the results and our policy proposals to the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Please take a moment to complete a short survey before September 14th, 2020 so we can get a better understanding on how you are coping.

Community Leadership Spotlight
Congratulations to the former UCC President!
Вітаємо колишнього президента Конґресу Українців Канади (1998-2004), пана Евгена Чолія з обранням його колегами для внесення до п’ятнадцятої редакції довідника «Найкращі юристи в Канаді» 2021 р. у сферах його юридичної практики з корпоративних та комерційних судових процесів.
Rose Remenda, left, and Dorothy Korol, right, volunteer at the Ukrainian Heritage Museum in Canora, Sask. 
(Laura Sciarpelletti/CBC)
A look at Canora, Sask.: Ukrainian heritage, poppy seed rolls and
a royal visit
Article and video by CBC Saskatchewan
Dorothy Korol, UCC Canora Branch President and a long-standing volunteer at the Ukrainian Heritage Museum in Canora was recently featured in the CBC video about the city!

UCC Committees at work
Why keep archives?
An update from the UCC National Archives Committee
Що таке документальна спадщина і чому треба зберігати архіви?

Уявіть собі, що за 25, 50, 75, або навіть 100 років ми захотіли б написати історію української громади в Канаді – що б ви використали, щоб описати громаду, її діяльність, її досягнення і вклад у Канаду? Де б ви шукали ті інформації? Як би ви знали, що ці інформації достовірні і точні?
Governor in Council appointments are public appointments by the Government of Canada to Crown corporations and federal entities (such as boards, agencies and commissions etc.)
We encourage qualified Ukrainian Canadians to put their names forward and to serve Canada and its people.

The world's first cross-atlantic summit focussed exclusively on
Eastern European music

Date: September 9, 2020

Start time: 10:00 am eastern

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