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A Note from the Owner's

Dear Members and Guests,

The time has come to say "see you soon" to all of our seasonal members and THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and commitment to your health and fitness during your time in Wellington! You can stay in the loop with what's going on here at Ultima by way of Facebook, Instagram, email and the Ultima app which can help with your accountability while you are away .. ..   Read More

May's Featured Members
Glenda & Mark Smith
Here at Ultima Fitness we get to witness first hand the benefits of families working out with one another. Family members are in and out together all the time and to watch as they achieve their goals together is something special.

  Glenda Smith, her husband Mark, and their son Ethan, all train at Ultima . Glenda, a long-time Ultima member, shares her testimony with us: 
"Working out together as a family is awesome.  Life is hectic and stressful.  We are always going in different directions. But now we are spending more time together.  We have more to talk about than just work or school.  We talk nutrition and different types of   exercises.  We challenge each other to go farther and reach higher. Not only are we changing physically and becoming healthier, we are becoming more confident in our   everyday lives and connecting with each   other on a higher level.

But the link that connects us together is our trainer Jason Jaworski.  He knows each of us and what our goals are and he strives for us to reach our goals.  He does not let us quit and he       inspires us everyday to reach our full potential.  We are all three tough and determined and would be ok on our own but Jason pushes us even farther than we could imagine.  Thank you Jason and Ultima Fitness for doing all that you do.

Team Smith"