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In-Sight 9000 Utra-High Resolution Vision System
Line scan and area scan acquisition options
The In-Sight 9000 offers both line scan and area scan image acquisition methods.
The In-Sight 9902L line scan vision system is designed to inspect large, cylindrical, and continuously moving objects. It captures 2,000 pixels with each line, delivering 32MP images (16,000 lines) that enable vision tools to perform highly detailed inspections. Each pixel line is acquired at 67,000 lines per second (15us scan rate) to keep up with the fastest production lines. The 9902L only requires a small view of the target part, making it an ideal choice for installations with restricted field of view or mounting space.
Available in monochrome and color models, the In-Sight 9912 area scan vision system is ideal for inspecting large, stationary parts. Acquiring 12MP (4096 x 3000 pixel) images, the 9912 captures detailed images for high accuracy measurements and inspections without sacrificing field of view.
Download the Introduction to Line Scan Vision Technology Guide to learn more about how line scan vision systems can meet your application needs.
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RCON Multi-Axis System Controller
High performance, network integrated
The  RCON system  is a high-performance multi-axis controller for the RCP family of product that features modular connection units with simple expandability. A system gateway provides connection to one of 7 communication protocols. This highly expandable system enables up to 16 axes to be connected through the system gateway. 

  • Installation space takes approx. 1/5 of conventional units
  • Provides for substantial cost savings
  • Highly extendable Unit-linkage System
  • Compatible with All 24V Type Actuators

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