Ultra Quick Community Church Micro News

* "Three Funerals and a Wedding" is the sermon title and theme for this Sunday's services @ the beach @ 8:30 & 9:30 a.m. Tom preaches and Olivia Kelman will be our special guest vocalist, accompanied by Ken Hall.

* Tom's message last week has inspired some post-service conversation . Among the points he made are (1) Jesus never intended to start a church or new religion, and (2) he appeared to have little or no interest in being worshiped . Yes, it's probably a message you won't hear @ most churches. If you'd like to check it out - as well as the wonderful music that David Hawkins provided (including a song he co-wrote and performed with his young granddaughter) go to our FaceBook page for an abbreviated version or to our website HERE . And, thanks to Elliott Delman for doing a great job of putting our Sunday videos together each week!

* A memorial service for MayCat Kneibler will be held @ Shoreacres this Saturday @ 3:00 p.m,. followed by a reception. Ken and Elliott will provide music, the Buckthorns will sing, and Tom will lead the service.

* Tom will offer the homily @ a memorial service next Thursday @ 3:30 p.m. for Connie Addington - the mother of Elinor Jannotta - @ Church of the Holy Spirit. A reception at Shoreacres will immediately follow the service.

* Our service on August 12 will include Christiana Trulio singing, Tom preaching, and the sacrament of baptism.

* Love Bocce? Save the date for our annual Bocce Night, Jan. 26, 2019!

* Things around the office will be "interesting" over the next two weeks , as work begins Monday to enclose the balcony providing a secure office for our Administrator Terry Klausmeier. We are very fortunate that the project is being paid for by a grant, and is not part of our annual budget. Here's an architect's drawing: