April 15, 2020
UltraPress Valves
The MRO Solution for Hospitals
In a hospital, piping issues affect more than just day-to-day operations. Traditional repair and installation methods means that, at a minimum, affected patients will likely require relocation, impacting patient health and safety, not to mention taking a valuable room off-line.

During repairs, hospitals make patient safety paramount. If a patient’s room is near the area of repair, patients are typically moved to another space. Obviously disruptive to patients, this also can make several rooms unusable during the maintenance work.
With UltraPress valves from Milwaukee Valve, water service connections can be made wet or dry, making repairs quick and easy. With no open flame, there is no smoke, flame or fire watch required. In addition, UltraPress eliminates the costs of solder, flux, propane torches or oxygen/gas bottles.
Whether new construction or regular Maintenance/Repair/ Operations (MRO), UltraPress Valves saves time. Designed for press-connection systems piping potable water, HVAC and inert gases at 200 psi or less, UltraPress valves are quickly “pressed” into place. No messy, multi-step soldering or screw-in installations.
While some joint preparation is required (cutting and deburring), UltraPress valves substantially reduce overall installation time — up to 68%. That’s the equivalent of three UltraPress valves installed in the same time period as one soldered valve.

And UltraPress valves are available as ball, gate, globe and check valve in the UltraPure leadfree alloy. For more information on UltraPress, visit  www.MilwaukeeValve.com or contact your sales representative or regional manager.
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