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Ultramarine Blue Offerings

Continuing our stroll through the spectrum, we suggest spending time contemplating ultramarine blue, which has become my own favorite color since satisfying my need for green pastures in elementary school. The word ultramarine comes from Latin: ultramarinus -- meaning "beyond the sea." The pigment was derived historically from finely ground-up lapis lazuli; the best source for this semi-precious stone was Afghanistan. The designation "ultramarine" was first used by Venetian traders of the 14th and 15th centuries.  

Fortunately for the 21st-century artist, a chemical equivalent for natural ultramarine was discovered in 1826 by a French chemist, and another equivalent by a German chemist in 1828. Once artificially created ultramarine blue began to be produced commercially, the color went from being practically the most expensive one to purchase to being one of the cheapest. For a more scientific discussion of ultramarine blue, follow this link from Winsor Newton, one of the most reliable and respected sources of the paints I prefer to use in teaching watercolor. And for a more personal peek into blue in my own world, please have a look at this video.

Available Work

Socially Distanced Snapdragons and Bachelors Buttons

watercolor and gouache, 11” x 17,” 2020. 

Price: $850 (unframed)

Hydrangeas and Chair

watercolor, 8” x 18,” 2013. 

Price:  $900 (framed)

Clean Up In Blue

monotype and Inktense pencil 1/2, 5 15/16” x 7 ¾”,” 2023.

Price: $250 (unframed)

Purple Irises

pastel, 28” x 22,” 2019.

Price: $500 (unframed)

Still Life in Blue: After Tango

watercolor, 10 ¼” x 16 ¾,” 2016. 

Price: $2500 (framed)

Tulips, Apple-Wine Pitcher and Striped Fabric

watercolor on rice paper, 18 ¼” x 18 ¼,” 2021.

Price: $575 (unframed)

Blue and Green Dragon

watercolor 1/2, 11” x 11,” 2021. 

Exhibited at New Amsterdam, New York Public Library and Huntington Public Library 2022 

Price: $650 (framed)

Bye, Bye, Blues

oil on linen canvas, 30” x 20,” 2018.

Exhibited at King’s Highway, Brooklyn Public Library 2018; Coney Island, Brooklyn Public Library 2018; Huntington, Public Library 2019; Salmagundi Club Show 2019; Mulberry Street, NY Public Library 2020; Light Space & Time Art Gallery

Price: $4000 (framed)

Bye, Bye, Blues  

Playing Cards

Deck of cards featuring oil painting Bye, Bye, Blues.

$25 for 1 deck or $45 for 2 decks (shipping and handling included) 

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