Friends of the Farm-

Summer squash, Padron peppers, and a mix of fresh herbs make an appearance in this week's CSA box. As summer peppers come into form we purposely followed last week's addition of Shishitos with Padrons this week. Consider this our own pepper A/B testing. Similar but different, you will find the Padrons larger in size and perhaps with a bit of a kick. In our own sampling we estimate 33% brought some heat! (Not concrete scientific data, but good enough for farming...)
For cooking, we recommend a similar blistering method in a cast iron skillet or wok just like the Shishitos.

Strawberries and melons are on their way! We have some great produce in our beds with continued variety in the CSA weeks ahead. That is assuming we farmers don't eat all these Mara Des Bois Strawberries... (they are sooo good!)

For this week's feature we thought it'd be fun to return to a cocktail recipe. Farmer William came up with this one from previous work experience overseeing the creation of juice-centric and low-alcohol cocktails as a former restaurant beverage director. It's a loose play of a Cadillac Margarita with its use of Grand Marnier and Tequila, but features juiced carrots as its centerpiece. Let us know what you think of this new way to "eat your veggies"!

This week's playlist returns to a complete mix of genres and tempo. Nothing short of a groove, of course starting with the Deee-Lite's and jumping right into And the Beat Goes On by the Whispers. (Some may recognize this song from its sampling in Will Smith's Miami in 1997). A personal favorite Bob Dylan track, Copper Kettle speaks to moonshining in stripped-down version from its feature on his Self Portrait (1970) album. A fun accompaniment to this week's carrot cocktail recipe. The Bay Area's own Extra Classic, folk legend sadly lost in 2020 John Prine, J. Dilla, and a fun one from indigenous musicians The Halluci Nation have all gotten our vegetables dancing out of the dirt this past week at the farm. We hope it gets you dancing too as you enjoy your weekend ahead!

Reminder that available as additions to any week CSA are the following current add-ons:
+ Umbel Roots fresh chicken eggs - $8 /doz
+ Umbel Roots Seasonal Herbal Tea Blend - SPRING - $16 / lb
(Mint, Lavender, Chrysanthemum, & Calendula)
*simply reply to this email to have any inclusions added to next week's box!*

This and other past newsletters from this CSA quarter can now be found via our website at In the case of wanting to revisit a recipe, produce guide, or past playlist they are all collected here under the Newsletter Archive tab. We will continue to update each week.

All our best from the farm,
Tom & William
Umbel Roots