Friends of the Farm-

Happy Friday! We are enjoying the longest days of the year and very much putting the daylight hours to use in our continued development of our young farm and preparation for the summer's produce.

Some of this past week's work can be felt most in our tomato beds. In order to support the crop and provide much needed trellising for the heavy fruit set starting to ripen, additional stakes were driven in the rows to set up our woven string pattern. A technique known as the Florida-weave is laid out using twine and a figure-eight pattern between our stakes that run the middle of each tomato row.
To see this unique practice in action see here for a video from a fellow farmer at Buzby Farms in NJ. This is really cool way to support our tomatoes in the field. They will be here soon!

Cooler temperatures this past week served as a reprieve from the heat we saw earlier and newly planted leeks, onions, greens and future successions of young carrots enjoyed the break. Shishito and Padron peppers are fruiting and these too are soon ahead. Beets are another crop on the cusp, coming on in the next week. Carrots and KN Bravo radishes make their first appearance into this week's CSA. Enjoy them both as featured in this week's recipe for a simple Grilled Bravo Radish & Carrot Salad.

Reminder, in addition to our weekly produce offerings, we also have a fresh playlist of musical pairings to enjoy with your veggies! We invite you to click the link to listen to this curated selection via Spotify below.

This week's playlist picks up where last week left off with a wide range of genres and some fun foreign language pieces dabbled throughout. Kicking off with a well suited first track, Richie Havens' Going Back to My Roots, we continue the funk & groove. Not to miss this week is the playlist's very last track - meet Max Raabe. A German savant of sorts, his stylings of 1920's & 1930's standards and orchestral originals are a favorite of Farmer William. Raabe's musical humor is known to even make the sternest German crack a subtle smirk. You'll just have to find its curious surprise waiting for you at the end of the playlist. Jam on!

All our best from the farm,
Tom & William
Umbel Roots