Friends of the Farm-

Happy Friday! It's hot out there!!

We still haven't figured out how to farm in air conditioning so our team has shifted to earlier morning starts and earlier exits to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Wet bandanas, wide-brimmed hats, and breaks in the shade have been your farmer's best friend this week. Popsicles and a cold beer have also been welcome treats when returning from farm work.
Luckily we are not seeing the result of heat stress on the plants in the field. Both our beds and greenhouse remain well watered and find breaks in the cooler nights once the hot sun has retreated for the day. Cooler temperatures next week are very much welcomed by our farm team and crops!

In the meantime encourage everyone to stay cool as best they can. Farmer service announcement: kindly also do your part to mitigate power & water usage in high-use periods with heat and current drought in mind. With our wildlife and cats & dogs in mind, also consider leaving a small bowl of water out for our four-legged friends also looking to stay hydrated and cool. Every bit helps.

This week's recipe features a simple summer pasta that utilizes Red Russian Kale and Dandelion Greens in your box. On their own, they express natural bitterness but after being sautéed and a touch of lemon juice to neutralize, they are dynamic complements to reinvigorate your favorite pasta. Great served warm, or even cold the next day in this hot weather.

Sustainability Note: In wanting to aide in our own sustainability and farm footprint we're happy to encourage recycling of your weekly Umbel Roots CSA cardboard boxes. Should you care to participate, simply leave them out on your porch Friday and we will collect them when dropping the new delivery. We will repurpose them around the farm or integrate into our compost program. Thanks!

Reminder, in addition to our weekly produce offerings, we also have a fresh playlist of musical pairings to enjoy with your veggies! We invite you to click the link to listen to this curated selection via Spotify below.

This week's playlist keeps with our eclectic spirit. Heavily leaning on 80's and featuring country music icons, this week's mix has something for everyone. Glen Campbell, Willie & Waylon to Gary Newman, the Slits, Michael Jackson, and Farmer Tom's favorite Sparks song, The Number One Song In Heaven keeps the good vibes alive. Willie Watson (former frontman of Old Crow Medicine Show) is a dose of modern country / bluegrass complimented along with Colter Wall and Charley Crockett. Tom's favorite James Bond theme featuring Louis Armstrong We Have All the Time in the World is also a beautiful inclusion for your weekend. Do enjoy!

All our best from the farm,
Tom & William
Umbel Roots