Friends of the Farm-

Happy Friday! Happy Solstice!

It's the height of summer and this past week we celebrated the longest day of the year with the arrival of the Summer Solstice.

I've always found the Solstice bittersweet as it marks the high point and brings to light that we are now on summer's "back nine". The days will only slowly get shorter from here. Enjoy them now by getting outside and embracing the season!

This last week as been a solid one for our farm's continued development. Our leeks and onion bed planted weeks ago in the field are showing great promise and coming into themselves. Strawberries and white mulberries are plump and juicy fruits at the farm. Fennel, eggplant, cauliflower, basils, and Korean melons have also all seen recent transplanting from greenhouse to beds this past week. Our jang seeders also gave us a leg up this week in direct seeding 51 rows of mixed vegetables with a few simple passes up & down our 100ft rows.

This week's recipe features a simple sage roast carrot dish that has always been a house favorite. The sweetness of the carrots sing when toasted and the touch of savoriness is a welcome match in making this a dynamic side dish to any dinner, or a snack unto itself.

FYI as a new feature to our website, we have just this week added an archive of all our past weekly email newsletters that have accompanied this quarter's CSA. In the case of wanting to revisit a recipe, produce guide, or past playlist they are all collected here under the Newsletter Archive tab. We will continue to update each week.

This week's playlist is again a great mix of genres and songs to get you dancing in the height of summer. Songs like After Midnight, Neil Young's live version of Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown, and the vibraphone stylings of Roy Ayers on Brother Louie are all meant to celebrate the longest days of the year. Melbourne, Australia based duo the Avalanches also give us a fun food-inspired track The Noisy Eater to finish the playlist.
Do enjoy!

All our best from the farm,
Tom & William
Umbel Roots