Friends of the Farm-

Happy Friday! The summer season is quickly upon us. Warmer temperatures and the year's longest days are welcomed company for us farmers and our crop. We are just a few weeks away from seeing the fruits of our summer favorites as a wide range of peppers and tomatoes continue to see growth in our beds.

This past week's farm tasks revolved around seeding & weeding. More varieties of cucumbers, eggplant, savory herbs, and lettuce heads saw seeding in our greenhouse. Fennel, celery root, marshmallow root, shiso, holy basil, and others all saw transplant into the field in the past days as well along with future successions of current signatures.
Weeding and additional bed building also had our attention this week as we continue to build our farm infrastructure and meticulously maintain the crops in progress. The plants are grateful for our weeding efforts and respond positively by perking up and stretching out in new growth. Our chives and baby carrot rows almost seem to jump in size after their bed clean-up. It's fun to see plants be such big fans of our work!

Reminder, should you enjoy this week's eggs, a dozen can be added to any future CSA delivery!
We will have 15 dozen eggs available next week at $8/dozen. First come, first served. Reserve your eggs for inclusion next week by replying to this email with how many dozen you request. Venmo / Paypal payment to follow.
Note, that as the girls continue to ramp up their production, more and more eggs will become available each week. So if you don't get as many as you'd like, egg laying is scaling up for future weeks.

Again, in addition to our weekly produce offerings, we also have a fresh playlist of musical pairings to also enjoy with your veggies! We invite you to click the link to listen to this curated selection via Spotify below.
This week's playlist is pretty eclectic in its wide range of genres. A bit of 80's Hip Hop, horn-heavy grooves, reimagined favorites, California surf-rock, and even a pinch of Zydeco. There's truly something for everyone here to dance to.

All our best from the farm,
William & Tom
Umbel Roots