Fresh in this week's CSA...
Friends of the Farm-

Welcome back! It's Week 2 and we're excited to share another round of produce from the farm with you & yours.

The theme of the past week at the farm is development. Not only do we need to maintain the current crops, but we always must keep an eye to the future and the next turn in succession planning. Our greenhouse is really popping with seeded starts and consistent up-potting to allow the plant more room before transition into an outdoor bed. Simultaneously, we are seeding new lettuce and herb starts, as well as turning beds and building new ones with layered compost for good nutrition. Our farm is ever-growing!

Do enjoy this week's addition of our very own Nasturtium Pesto! We'd love to hear how you use it. Bruschetta and as a finishing garnish to roast chicken is how we have been enjoying it ourselves. More Umbel Roots originals to compliment your at-home cooking like this one coming soon in your CSA boxes...

Speaking of...Next week we are proud to announce the first offering of our very own eggs as an add-on to your weekly CSA! We will have 14 dozen eggs available next week at $8/dozen. First come, first served. Reserve your eggs for inclusion next week by replying to this email with how many dozen you request. Venmo / Paypal payment to follow.
The good news is that as the girls continue to ramp up their production, more and more eggs will become available each week. So if you don't get as many as you'd like this week, egg laying is scaling up for future weeks!
We look forward to introducing the flock and the nuances of the varied breeds of chickens we have in a future newsletter.

Again, in addition to our weekly produce offerings, we also have a fresh playlist of musical pairings to also enjoy with your veggies! We invite you to click the link to listen to this curated selection via Spotify below. As music lovers ourselves, we curate a new harvest playlist each week to correspond to the week's CSA. Kitchen dancing, air guitars & wooden spoon microphones are encouraged! Full disclosure, we like it funky! This week is no different with a number of instrumental tunes and disco hits.

Enjoy your weekend ahead.

All our best from the farm,
William & Tom
Umbel Roots