Friends of the Farm-

Our green's program continues to become more and more robust with the welcome arrival of cooler temperatures and more humid conditions. In the week prior to Thanksgiving we shared our salad green's mix. This week it's time to highlight our bitter greens in what we lovingly call our Umbel Roots Braising Mix. This will see different varieties come and go throughout the winter season. The common theme will be highlighting heartier, more bitter greens that become more tender and savory once charred, slow cooked, or braised on their own, with stock or wine, or in company with a protein and its savory fats / drippings. We invite you to explore the possibilities (and incredible nutrition) that this mix comes to offer. Note, it's also a celebrated staple of many chefs and the local restaurants we so proudly serve. See this week's recipe as a place to start in your growing love of winter greens!

With this week's CSA we're excited to debut our next seasonal tea blend! This Winter mix is an herbal blend of Camomile, Chrysanthemum, Mint, Lavender, Calendula, and Lemon Verbena. We recommend roughly 1g per serving. The tea works well with a complement of local honey, citrus, or simply standing on its on. A welcome winter celebration of herbs and flowers we've dried from the past weeks.

Don't forget to tune into this week's edition of our CSA music playlist. Link to our Spotify playlist is attached below to join the groove...
Another eclectic mix of genres, leaning heavy on blues, soul, and reggae. We've even snuck a few 80's and international expressions from France and Cambodia this week. A few favorites to be sure not to miss are Lightnin' Hopkin's Shaggy Dog, Loleatta Holloway's Love Sensation, Hoyt Axton with Sunrise, and Chuck Brown (considered the Godfather of Washington D.C. Go-Go) Bustin' Loose. Certainly not to be overlooked is Farmer William's guilty pleasure contribution this week - Fergie's Fergalicious. Just when you think you know a guy, (and your fellow business partner) he surprises you with his secret love of Fergie in the fields. I won't lie, it got us both singing & dancing and it's a welcome finish to this week's groove. Enjoy!

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All our best from the farm,
Tom & William
Umbel Roots