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The season is changing, and so are business operations! More and more businesses are implementing automation, such as overhead conveyor systems into their daily processes to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

We'd like to share a few un-be-leaf-able conveyor applications with you!

Fruit packing companies are investing in automation to increase production in their facilities. See how high volume apple sheds have been utilizing the PAC-LINE™ overhead conveyor to help reduce labor costs, clear valuable floor space and increase profits. Good luck bobbing!

PACLINE provides conveyor systems designed for a wide range of industrial material handling operations including: parts handling, overhead storage and assembly lines in manufacturing and  empty carton handling systems  in distribution centers. See which conveyor application can advance your operations!

Watch this footage one of our installers took of a current PAC-MAX™ conveyor  installation! The purpose of these conveyors is to cure investment casting  molds , weighing up to 500 lbs. !