Taking Back Control in Uncertain Times

Hello Friends, 

Recent news, political events and natural disasters have left many of us feeling a sense of chaos. When bad things happen in the world or in our lives, there are always things we can do to help instigate change on a personal level.  This month, we decided to brainstorm some of our favorite activities that will restore your sense of peace and serenity

Prepare your emergency kit. With fire, flood, earthquake and hurricanes all around us, now seems like a very important time to have your emergency kit dialed in. Here are some great tips out there from Ready.gov, including a printable checklist and instructions for keeping your kit up to date. And did you know that you can drink the water from your water heater in a disaster? Here's how

Clean out the garage.  As the resting place for what I like to call "postponed decisions", the garage is often the landing place for clutter lacking a purpose. Yet there are so many important items that we actually need that go in the garage! When the two get mixed together, chaos always ensues. Cleaning it now while the weather is still good is a great activity to give you a sense of taking back your space. Check out this month's featured blog on the topic, and learn how to  Get the Organized Garage You Always Wanted.

Organize your schedule to make time for exercise. When things get busy, exercise is usually the first activity that is removed from our day. But creating time to move your body and get your endorphins (the happy hormone) flowing in your body is the best way to combat feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Come up with a plan for how you will fit exercise into your day, and then add it to your calendar. If you prefer to exercise at home, organize the area where you keep your equipment. Consider whether it is in the right location for optimal use. Prioritizing exercise will have a huge positive impact on your brain and body. If you're still stuck, check out this handy list from Experience Life Magazine

Practice Benevolence. One activity that can be hugely cathartic is giving to those in need. Walk through your home and collect items to give to your charity of choice rather than Goodwill. This creates a sense of intention and purpose, as you know that the items will be used by someone who greatly needs them right now. Some good places to start are the hall closet (winter coats), kitchen (pots, pans and utensils are always in need) and the bathroom (shelters will gladly take used shampoos, soaps, and other bottled items). If you are in Portland, check out our list of donation resources, most of whom are in need throughout the year. 

Happy Organizing!

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National Prescription Drug 
Take Back Day

October 28th has been named a national drug take back event day across the country. A number of local police stations in the Portland Metro area will be participating, including  BeavertonLake Oswego,
Tualatin and Portland. For a full list of participating police stations, click here

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