Unclaimed Property Holder Reporting
Now is the time to begin reviewing your accounts receivables for reporting unclaimed property. We have put together a simplified guide to help as you begin the process.

For detailed information on Unclaimed Property please visit the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer’s website at
Payroll checks should be reported after one year.
Checks issued 07/01/18 – 06/30/19

Patient account balances (for non-active accounts) and uncashed refund checks should be reported after five years.
Checks/Account Balances issued 07/01/14 – 06/30/15
Notice must be sent no more than 120 days or less than 60 days prior to the November 1st reporting deadline.

Notices for amounts under $50 are encouraged but not required.
All amounts must be remitted to the state.

Property valued at less than $50 may reported in the aggregate. Owner details do not need to be included in the report since these will be added together as one entry. However, you should keep a detailed listing for your records.

If known, have the following information available when reporting: Owners full name, last known address, social security number (SSN) or federal tax identification number (FEIN), date of birth, driver's license number and state of issuance, and email address.
Payments can be made from a checking or savings account via the Holder Payment Portal or by mailing a check to:

NC Department of State Treasurer
Unclaimed Property Division
200 Atlantic Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27604-1668
Negative Reports are not required!
If you have no unclaimed funds to report, you are not required to file.
We are here to help!
Our office will conduct a review of your records for any checks marked “Void” in our system. If we identify any applicable voids, the list will be sent to you no later than July 10th to compare to your records. Be sure to confirm these were not reissued or credited to the patient’s account.

We are happy to assist you in meeting your filing requirements. 
If you would like CUAK to assist with filing your Unclaimed Property Report, please complete and return the questionnaire to smartin@cu-cpa.com before October 1, 2020.