Uncovering the Evidence of Poor Air Quality.

by Scott D. Johnson
Manager, Equipment Sales Division

Poor indoor air quality is more than frustrating. It’s a serious problem that can cause issues ranging from mild eye irritation, to an itchy nose and sore throat, to persistent headaches and fatigue. The prolonged effects of poor air quality and other pollutants are widely documented to cause more severe health concerns impacting respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as cancer.

Whether sitting at your desk or processing parts on the plating line, ventilation systems abound throughout the ceilings, walls and floors of the workplace. When maintained and audited on a regular basis, these systems offer both the assurance of clean air, as well as a safe work environment.

Although you may not immediately notice, poor air quality leaves behind evidence that may point to ineffective capture by your ventilation system, such as: Read More
What’s Suddenly Causing a Cleaner’s Short Bath Life?

by Jake Fisher
Technical Sales Engineer - CEF
Article published in Products Finishing Magazine, September 2017.

Q. My cleaner is suddenly experiencing a short bath life. Did something change?

A. The very short answer is, “yes.” However, exactly what those changes could be is a much more nuanced answer than you might expect. They may be changes in the substrate, the oils used in manufacturing, or in some cases a combination of factors that have impacted the entire process line.

Given the numerous possibilities, I recommend reviewing all other variables... Read More

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