We had a nice sunshine run there, didn't we? And now that the clouds have descended once more, there's no need for that summer FOMO feeling anymore. Curl up with a book instead! We at BooksfromScotland have got an abundance of recommendations for you, so read on . . . 

Lee Randall Interviews Lucy Ellmann

This doorstop novel is earning glowing praise and plaudits galore since its release, and rightfully so - it's excellent! So when Lucy Ellmann agreed to speak to Lee Randall about her thoughts on the writing life, we were delighted!
Murder Most Magnificent!
The truth is there are TOO MANY excellent crime fiction books coming out of Scotland this year. But we narrowed a recommendation list to this delicious dozen . . .
 Alistair Braidwood Reviews
Karen Campbell has been quietly marking herself out to be a writer to watch, and, as Alistair Braidwood finds, her latest novel is one that should see her take her place in the spotlight.
All is Fair in Love and War

We stay with wartime Italy with an extract from Gordon Kerr's intriguing thriller, The Partisan Heart, where a love affair and a hit-and-run in the present day has its roots in the treacherous days of the Italian Resistance.
A Q & A with Jenny Colgan
Jenny Colgan's novels are as popular as they are funny and warm and generous. BooksfromScotland caught up with her to ask her about her latest novel The Bookshop on the Shore.
Shoplifting in the Swinging Sixties
It's 1963 and two young woman begin an unlikely friendship in a city ready to swing. We love David Wharton's debut novel, and we hope you rush out to buy it after this little taster . . .
David Robinson Reviews
To the Island of Tides by Alistair Moffat
The Shepherd and the Morning Star by Willie Orr

Books on pilgrimages and their encouragement on contemplation has become a bit of a trend this year. David Robinson takes a look some of them and finds a variety of interesting journeys.
Family Secrets Uncovered

Catherine Czerkawska was aware that there was a murder in her family's past. When she investigated her family more thoroughly, she uncovered a story that resonated through history.
Catch up with the rest of the Under Blue Skies Issue
And there's more in our Under Blue Skies Issue, including:
Remembering Alastair Reid

In this latest article in our A Year of Conversation - Translation as Conversation series, we asked Tom Pow to write about a Scottish poetry legend, and one at the vanguard of translation in the 20th century, Alastair Reid.

If you enjoyed our Under Blue Skies Issue then you might also like our previous A Scottish Summer Issue available to read in our archive of past Issues.

I hope you agree that whatever the weather, there are great books to read from Scotland this summer. Where are your favourite places to read? Which books do you like to take on holiday? Let us know by tweeting @scottishbooks and we'll share your highlights. 

We wish you happy reading!

All best wishes,

Vikki Reilly

Online Editor
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