February 2020
Under pressure
Water pressure can directly affect the function of your faucets. Knowing how to check your property’s water pressure and troubleshooting common high- or low-pressure problems can keep your water flowing properly. Here’s some helpful information to get you started.
There is a lot of national attention on your drinking water, and that's okay
Louisville Water is in the business of public health. Our drinking water is high quality and meets all regulatory standards -- we sample our water over 200 times a day. A group of compounds, PFAS, has been detected in water supplies across the United States, including Louisville. At this point, based on the best-available science, we do not see this as a concern for Louisville’s drinking water. But we need the research to continue.
Visit Louisville Water Tower Park on Sunday, Feb. 9

Curious about this historic property? Come check it out for yourself -- see the newly restored 100-foot-tall steam pump, marvel at the iconic Water Tower, explore the WaterWorks Museum, and take a tour of the grounds that sit on the banks of the Ohio River. Can't make it this weekend? Mark Sunday, March 8 on your calendar for the next open day.
Supervisor Harold Hunt
Explains Hydrants
Harold Hunt, who has worked for Louisville Water for nearly 30 years, oversees the service and repair of 30,000 fire hydrants. 

Hear Harold share everything you wanted to know about fire hydrants in less than 60 seconds. 💦
Louisville Water heading east
Louisville Water now delivers up to seven million gallons of drinking water daily to the city of Shelbyville. This was made possible through the completion of Louisville Water’s two-year pipeline extension project to Shelby County.
Where is this?
You could win a prize if you know!

This little girl is doing her part to keep runners hydrated with Louisville pur e tap ® in this Marathon/miniMarathon race. This race is part of a popular festival in the spring. Can you tell us what festival? The first five people to answer correctly will receive a pure tap prize pack. Good luck!
Congratulations to the winners of the January contest: Stephen Brooks, Trevor Berger, Teresa Devine, Natasha Lonnon, and Shelia Diann Thomas. January's picture (see below) was taken at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, where we have three water bottle fill stations. Whether you are flying out or flying back home, make sure you fill up with Louisville pure tap ® !
Got a Question?
Call our Customer Service Center at 502.583.6610. Call volume is usually high on Mondays and the first day of each month -- if possible, avoid those days for shorter wait times. 

You can also visit LouisvilleWater.com  and click on the  Link icon  for information on your account, or click on the  Contact Us  heading to send us an email. 

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