How to know what's really behind a web portal offering.
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Asking the right questions helps you find the portal that truly meets your business needs. This month, learn how to effectively assess a potential portal and learn how BMA's web portal improves your productivity in managing benefit programs and communications.
Under the Hood of a Web Portal
By: Health Portal Solutions           

Imagine going shopping for a used car and finding a nice-looking sports car. Imagine liking the color, the seats, and the spaciousness of the car. Then imagine looking under the hood and finding a corroded engine. Would you give that car a test drive? No way! In fact, you'd be thanking yourself for taking a look under the hood.

Shopping for a web portal can be the same way. While portals can look great on the outside, they can often be lacking when you take a deeper look. Just as with car shopping, it's important to look under the hood when you assess a potential web portal. Companies that do so thank themselves later once their portal is live.

When assessing a potential portal, here are some things to look out for when you look under the hood:
BMA Portal Highlight
Your Benefits Information & Productivity Center           

BMA's web portal organizes all your BMA plan data and programs behind one login. Whether it's accumulators, prescription drug tools, or ACA compliance tips, all of them can be easily accessed 24/7 online.

Brokers and employers boost their productivity through BMA's on demand
reporting, online enrollment, and secure access to plan-related documents. 

Backed by extensive security, the BMA portal is the secure central gateway for monitoring and managing employee benefit plan details and performance. 

If you have questions about our portal or would like to request your login, contact us.
Compliance Update
Security Rule    

The  HIPAA Security Rule establishes national standards for protecting certain health information held or transferred in  electronic form . Among other requirements, the Secur ity Rule most notably requires covered entities to put in place specified administrative, technical, and physical safeguards
to secure individuals' electronic protected health information, or e-PHI. 
  • Covered Entities Under the Security Rule
  • Covered Information Under the Security Rule
  • Security Rule Requirements
Go to the HHS website to learn more.
6 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Voluntary-Benefits Outsourcing Firm
By: BenefitsPro         

Creating an exceptional voluntary offering with a customized set of products, services and solutions is no easy task. Thus, partnering with a voluntary benefit outsourcing (VBO) firm enables employers to combine a voluntary benefit strategy with a holistic approach that aligns with the company's benefit objectives.

So, what are the factors to consider when selecting a VBO firm? What benefits will an employer realize when partnering with a VBO firm?
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