July 29, 2019
State Chamber Update
The first Census in the United States took place in 1790, and the next census will be conducted on April 1, 2020. Since it first began, the decennial census has continually evolved and its importance to businesses and our economy cannot be overstated. Here are a few slides that I’d ask you to review and share with colleagues. These do a very good job of explaining why the census and the resulting refreshed data provide helpful decision-making and marketing tools for businesses of every size and from every imaginable industry.  

Here in Delaware, the Governor signed an Executive Order creating the “Complete Count Commission” to get everyone organized for the next census. The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce is involved in this effort in a couple of ways: I am part of the organization that will spread the word to the business community about the importance of the census, while my colleague Denée Crumrine, our communications leader here, is spearheading efforts to coordinate other communicators around the state to make everyone aware of the census and to complete the questionnaire when available.  
Michael J. Quaranta
Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
The story of Dogfish Head began in June of 1995 when they opened Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats - the first state's first brewpub - in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Not only was Dogfish Head Delaware’s first brewpub, it was the smallest commercial brewery in America. Fast-forward to today and we’re still motivated by non-conformity. By spontaneity. By experimentation.
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