My friends on the Left claim that the Antifa activists portrayed in the alt media are a bunch of off-duty cops. Never mind that genderqueer people with pink hair and multiple piercings are hard to find on a local police force.

Antifa , like the hacktivist Anonymous group are purposefully decentralized to avoid detection. When looking into them, I learned that in San Diego, an Antifa activist group was found to have hired a professional mercenary to train and command their street operations, partially confirming the suspicions of my Lefty friends.

Here's the story. A friend who is retired military was out one night in San Diego with his friends who were also former military when they noticed an Antifa gang. One of them decided to shadow them and to his amazement, he discovered that their captain was a retired Special Operations officer.

The Antifa captain explained that he was laid-off from a firm that competes with Craft International and that he needed money, so he accepted the offer of $3,500 per day. One wonders where this Antifa chapter acquired the funds, let alone the idea of hiring him. I'll leave it for the reader to speculate.

The US has thousands of highly-trained military personnel in the wake of nearly 20 years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's hope that most of them have found more honest work.

This video shows a separate penetration into Antifa operations by YouTuber, Steven Crowder and how the mainstream media is actively ignoring this movement, when they are not actively praising them.

Running Time: 11 min