Hear from Radulf Mohika, a Law and Social Justice minor student, on why he enjoys LAW 210 — Fundamentals of the U.S. Legal System, and his experiences beyond the classroom.

LAW 210 Fundamentals of the US Legal System has been my favorite class because students were given the opportunity to participate in class discussions while you learned about the functions of the state and federal government at a fast pace. The class isn't demanding of time and you're able to work in group projects to get to know your classmates better.

What are your plans for summer?
This summer, I'll be participating in the UPenn Law Global Institute for Human Rights for two weeks and at the end of the program, I'll receive a certificate. I'll also be a city counselor for the American Legion Nevada Boys' State program to help delegates run for state elections and debate before the state capitol for a week. I'll be continuing my internship with the CA Attorney General's Office of External Affairs as a research assistant as well for five weeks. Lastly, I'm participating in the LA JusticeCorps program for six weeks assisting individuals file for court documents regarding eviction notices, divorces, adoption and small claims.