USC Gould Office of Undergraduate Law Newsletter
November 2020
Recent News
USC Gould presents the
Minor in Legal Studies Video!
Hear from the Dean of the USC Gould School of Law, Andrew Guzman, as he talks about the Minor in Legal Studies program. In addition, current students share the impact that the minor has had in their academic and career journeys thus far.
Los Angeles Judges Impart Knowledge and
Mentorship to Students
With over 70 people in attendance, the, "Diverse Pathways to the Bench: An Inspiring Dialogue Between Judges and Students" event brought together law students, undergraduate students, attorneys, and judges – who tuned in on Zoom from across the United States. The panel included Judge Kevin Brazile, the first African American presiding judge in Los Angeles County, as well as Judge Holly Fujie, Judge Lucy Armendariz, and Judge Sergio Tapia. The judges spoke about their unique pathways to the bench, highlighting that there are numerous ways to become a judge, but that the common factor for all four judges was the importance of mentorship. The panelists encouraged students and current attorneys to seek out mentors and to feel bold in asking for guidance.

In addition, Judge Brazile and Judge Tapia gave a sneak preview of an upcoming program that will provide judicial mentorship for students through Los Angeles County. Following the 45-minute panel, participants were given the option to join a break-out room with the judge of their choice. During these more intimate sessions the participants were able to introduce themselves, ask direct questions to the judge, and network with others in the room. We are hopeful this can become a reoccurring event and that it will continue to inspire students to keep an eye towards the bench!
Celebrating First-Generation Student Week
As part of First Gen Student Week, we wanted to highlight some of our amazing students in the Minor in Legal Studies. Meet Sydney Ross. We asked her what it means to her to be a first generation student. 

"Being a first generation student means you can persevere and persist regardless of what has happened to you or what you were handed in life. I've never let my circumstances define me- they actually refine me and only motivate me further to work harder and fight harder for what I believe in and one day become a lawyer and work in democratic politics!"
Student Services Advisor, Javier Mulato has a message to all of our first-generation college students! Join us as we celebrate our amazing students!
The USC Journal of Law & Society
is pleased to announce a call for Associate Editors
The USC Journal for Law and Society is a student-run, interdisciplinary Journal that promotes outstanding undergraduate scholarship. The Journal provides a print and online forum to publish exceptional undergraduate papers by students at the University of Southern California and around the world.

Applications for new editors for the 2020-2021 school year are open.

Applications are due no later than Sunday, November 15th at 11:59pm PST. Please follow the instructions in the application carefully as incomplete applications cannot be considered. Please visit our website or contact JLS at with any questions or inquiries. 
Learn More about our Programs
Several undergraduate LAW courses satisfy General Education (GE) requirements and are either required or elective in a variety of majors and minors.
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MW 11 - 11:50am + one discussion section
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Interested in learning more about undergraduate law?

USC Gould School of Law offers various options to start exploring the legal field. Meet with the Office of Undergraduate Law Advisor to learn more about the Progressive Degree Program (PDP), Master of Studies in Law (MSL), the Minor in Legal Studies, and the accelerated bachelors to JD 3+3 program. 
Javier Mulato, M.Ed.
Student Services Advisor
USC Events and Student Support Services
Virtual Career Advising

Participants engage in a 15-minute texted-based chat with a career advisor. Chats are 1-on-1, text-based and timed (15-minutes). Advisors will review your resume, cover letter, or answer any questions in real-time and offer you one-on-one feedback.

Lines for the advisors will form in the online queue. While you wait, check out the resume booklet in the lobby or browse the Career Center. The chats are text-based and timed. Each chat is saved, making it simple to look back at your history, review your notes, gather contact information and follow up.

Pomodoro Study Cafe

Are you looking for some extra motivation to finish the semester strong and begin studying for finals?

This is an opportunity to study with your fellow Trojans using the Pomodoro technique, which includes studying in 25-minute segments with 5-minute breaks, then taking a longer break after 4 study sessions together. Come and go as you please, but know that a raffle of $5 Starbucks gift card(s) will be given away at every hour!

Please see flyer for more details such as the date and time of this recurring event.

Register at
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