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Newsletter -Issue 2                                                                                             Fall 2016

Summer 2016 Research Symposium
The 2016 UROC Summer Research Program culminated in the largest Summer Research Symposium taking up all three floors of the Tanimura and Antle Family Memorial Library! . The symposium was a collaboration between UROC, the Monterey Bay Regional Ocean Science Research Experience for Undergraduates program, the Naval Post Graduate School, and Hartnell Community College. 

The symposium comprised of 21 oral presentations (11 REU, 6 UROC, and 4 NPS) and 51 research posters (48 UROC, 20 NPS, and 3 Hartnell Community College). 

Prior to the symposium, UROC partnered with CSUMB's Educational Opportunity Program's summer bridge to facilitate an interactive session on how to navigate and get the most out of a research poster. The day of the event EOP staff sent them on a scavenger hunt of research posters! 

UROC was happy to see our collaborations grow this summer and is eager to see where next year takes us! 
Meet the UROC team!                                                  
UROC has grown quite a bit over the past two years! There are many new faces around the office, but one constant has been the UROC Administrative Support Coordinator, Bobby  Quiñonez.

Bobby Quiñonez, UROC’s longest running employee, has been with the program since January 2011. Bobby is the often the first point of contact with students to help answer questions and guide them to the appropriate UROC staff. Students quickly learn to anticipate a smiling face and a witty joke as they enter the office.

As graduate of CSUMB (2003), with degree in Earth Systems Science & Policy, Bobby enrolled in CSU San Marcos’ Single Subject Teaching Credential Program with his heart set on education.  

He came back to CSUMB to serve as the Program Coordinator for CSUMB’s Recruitment in Science Education Program (RISE) working with under-represented high school students in the Salinas and Monterey Bay area students to expand their interest and skills in science while providing them the tools and inspiration to attend college. Bobby has extended his role on campus to currently serve as member of the CSUMB Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. 

When Bobby isn’t at UROC, he’s playing guitar and yelling in his punk band, or getting yelled at by his 8-year old daughter, or experiencing eye-rolls from his wife of 11 years (also a CSUMB Alumnae).  Bobby is dedicated to providing first-class “sass” and top-notch service to his UROC colleagues, and of course, all UROC and CSUMB students.