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Newsletter -Issue 1                                                                                         Spring 2016
UROC Researcher Kristen Burroughs (top right) explaining her research on decorator crabs and UROC Scholar Rebecca Von Open (bottom left) with her poster on Anxiety and eating disorder behaviors. 

Gearing up for a busy summer
Every summer, UROC offers a summer research program designed for UROC Scholars and Researchers conducting research in the local area. The UROC Summer Research Program guides students through the process of designing and presenting  research in a public venue through professional development workshops. .  
The summer program is supplemental to summer research, and helps ensure students will get as much out of the summer research experience. 

The UROC Summer Research Program will culminate in the Summer Research Symposium on Friday, August 12th. The symposium is a collaboration between UROC, the Monterey Bay Regional Ocean Science Research Experience for Undergraduates program, the Naval Post Graduate School, and Hartnell Community College. 
If you are interested in more information about the Summer Research Symposium, please contact 

2016 Barbara Baldock & 
Phillip Butler UROC Research Scholarship Awardee

Phillip Butler and Barbara Baldock
Former scholarship recipients and founding UROC Director, Bill Head, with Barbara and Phil.
UROC Scholar Alex Jensen, Human Communication major, concentration in Peace Studies, is the recipient of the 2016 Barbara Baldock and Phillip Butler UROC Research Scholarship. He was selected based on academic achievement, undergraduate research accomplishment, financial need, graduate school aspirations, and a commitment to serve the community through research, outreach, and service. He receives a $5,000 scholarship to support his undergraduate research and graduate school application activities.

Alex has served as the Secretary and President of CSUMB’s LGBT and Allied Advocates club and is dedicated to social justice work in local communities.  Alex's research interests include examining multicultural conflict resolution practices and nonviolent communication techniques in order to solve issues of disconnect in our society.  This summer, Alex will be working with Dr. Patrick Belanger (HCOM) on moral inquiry, or the psychological/spiritual injury a person suffers when they commit an act or transgression against their moral conscience. Alex aims to work on the role society and civilians have in aiding returning veterans assimilate back into a nonviolent society.

Barbara and Phil have been supporting UROC Scholars since 2010.
Thank you Barbara and Phil!  

Meet the UROC team!                                                  
UROC has grown quite a bit over the past two years! There are many new faces around the office. The most recent addition to the UROC team is the Director, Dr. John "Buck" Banks. 

John came to CSUMB from the University of Washington, where he spent 16 years as a professor of environmental science and administrator on the primarily-undergraduate Tacoma campus. 

With an academic background in applied mathematics and zoology, he t aught courses in biology, ecology, and entomology, and served as Director of International Programs and Director of Undergraduate Education. 

He has published over sixty scientific articles, book chapters, and technical reports exploring biological control and predator/prey population dynamics in agroecosystems, ecotoxicology, and the conservation of biological diversity in natural and managed systems. 
His  research uses a blend of field and lab data and mathematical models; recent projects include fieldwork in Costa Rica (biodiversity of rainforest and subsistence farms; sustainable coffee production), and Kenya (ecological restoration and interactions of birds, arthropods, and elephants) as well as an ongoing collaboration studying ecosystem services as an August T. Larsson Guest Researcher with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden. 

When asked what excites him about CSUMB, he replied, "Over the years,  I have had the opportunity to work with many teams of undergraduates in research in both domestic and international settings -- and have had the chance to see how truly transformative such experiences can be for all involved.  Designing, implementing, analyzing, and communicating the results of research is a high-impact practice that can be one of the most challenging and rewarding elements of the undergraduate experience -- and  I eagerly look forward to helping continue to facilitate these kinds of experiences at CSUMB with UROC!"