IndieFest always seeks out the best new underground/midnight movie offerings to surprise and delight you. Here are a few picks unlike anything you've seen:

Therapy Dogs

-Closing Night Film-

A chronicle of the last year of high school as two friends set out to make the ultimate senior video.


Unicorn Wars

It’s “Bambi meets Apocalypse Now” in this provocative and strangely beautiful horror comedy that narrates the story about the ancestral war between the teddy bears army and the unicorns.


Attack of the Flies

Attack of the Flies is a narrative sci-fi thriller set during the 1920's Prohibition in the farthest north regions of Michigan. The isolation naturally breeds despair, but the arrival of an irregular infestation of insects, turns the isolation into madness.


Rough Edges

A San Francisco technical writer and a San Jose artist hook up at a BDSM club, their one-night stand evolving into a tentative relationship in which they explore each other’s kinks and try to keep things casual.



When five Bay Area friends venture into the Redwood National Forest to play the augmented (mixed) reality (AR) game MURMUR, their own reality becomes dangerously distorted.



Someone is killing straight white men in Manhattan and nobody knows why! 50% slasher film. 50% social satire. 100% original!


IndieFest Genre Shorts

Don't miss this excellent program of six short genre films: horror, sci-fi and the uncategorizable!

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