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February 2018
This product of the ALSO Underserved TA Project is designed for Underserved grantees to provide them with regular and concise information including resources, training opportunities, open solicitations and more.

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Upcoming ALSO Underserved TA Webinars & In-person Trainings

In partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women, the ALSO Underserved TA Project has developed a series of webinars designed for Underserved grantees. Every quarter, ALSO will host and facilitate a 1-1.5 hour topical webinar on a particular subject of interest. The format of the topical webinar is presentation-based, whereas the following webinar in the series is facilitated peer-to-peer discussions for a deeper dive as to what the topical webinar content means for underserved populations and organizations that served them. Attendance to the topical webinar is not required as a prerequisite to participate in the facilitated discussion webinar but it is strongly encouraged as a way to benefit fully from these learning opportunities.  

Our first topical webinar is on Thursday, February 22nd at 10am AT/ 11am PT/12pm MT/1pm CT /2pm ET .
Title: Providing Sexual Assault Services to Underserved
Presenters: Mira Yusef, Executive Director of Monsoon United
Asian Women of Iowa, and Yasmeen Hamza, Director of Community Programs at Womankind
FACILITATED DISCUSSION: The following peer-to-peer discussion webinar related to the topical webinar of sexual assault services will be on March 29th at 10am AT/ 11am PT/12pm MT/1pm CT /2pm ET

ALSO will send out email announcements and reminders with more details closer to these dates.

Other Webinars & In-person Training Opportunities*


Title: Case File Review: SA Cases in your Communities
Host: Battered Women's Justice Project
Date: February 22nd, 2018
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm CDT

This webinar will explain the process and framework for reviewing sexual assault case files as an evaluative measure for sexual assault response teams (SARTs). Participants will learn how to create meaningful change to the sexual violence response in a way that is both victim centered and addresses offender accountability.

Peer Sharing Call

Title: Strong Crisis and Support Lines in Rural Communities
Host: Resource Sharing Project
Date: March 15, 2018
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm CDT

This call will bring together rural advocates from across the country to discuss supporting sexual violence survivors on rural crisis and support lines.
Registration for this call is capped at 30 participants.

In-Person Trainings/Events

Title : International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic                     Violence, and Gender Bias
Host: End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI)
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: April 3-5, 2018

This annual conference focuses on sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, human trafficking and elder abuse. EVAWI consistently brings together law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, victim advocates, judges, parole and probation officers, rape crisis workers, health care professionals, faith community members, educators, researchers and others in this three day conference highlighting promising practices and emerging issues to effectively respond to these crimes in all of our communities. 

Title Supporting Organizational Sustainability to Address Violence Against Women (SOS Institute) Training
HostFutures Without Violence
Location: Atlanta, GA
DateMay 2- May 4, 2018 

This Institute is an interactive 2.5-day training for OVW grantees to enhance the organization's capacity and develop a solid infrastructure.  The Institute includes organizational development topics such as:  a) Review of organization's mission and core values; b) Planning for and addressing organizational growth, transitions and change; c) Funding strategies and budgets that support organizational strengths and assets; d) Collaborations to maximize and share resources; e) Staff and leadership development; f) Tools for Board development and engagement.  Application and registration will be open soon.  For additional information or questions, please contact Monica Arenas at: marenas@futureswithoutviolence.org.

Title : 2018 National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC)
           "Bold Moves: Ending Sexual Violence in One Generation"
Host: California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)
Location: Anaheim, California
Date: August 29- August 31, 2018
The conference facilitates opportunities to share information and resources, advance learning, develop skills, and increase professional capacity to support survivors of sexual assault, to raise the profile of sexual assault as an important community health and justice issue, and to prevent sexual assault from happening. Registration opens April 2018.
*To use OVW grant funds for any training & technical assistance opportunities, you must send an email to your OVW Program Manager, Kara Moller, at Kara.Moller@usdoj.gov to request approval. ALSO Underserved TA Project webinars and in-person trainings (including New Grantee Orientation) do not need prior approval.
Funding Opportunities
Funding Opportunities for Tribal Communities
The U.S. Department of Justice announced the opening of the grant solicitation period for comprehensive funding to federally-recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments and tribal consortia to support public safety, victim services and crime prevention.
DUE DATE: 3/20/18
AMT OF GRANT: Amounts vary per grant
Noteworthy News 

Taking back control: how a remote island in Alaska tackled domestic abuse

By Jill Burke

"St Paul now has domestic violence shelters, social workers and culturally relevant programs for healing. It has the buildings, people and authority to meaningfully and quickly assist individuals in crisis. It's doing things differently: cross-deputizing city police to enforce tribal law; making rape kits available on-island to make the forensic examinations process as speedy as possible, and hopefully, lead to more prosecutions.
Both are firsts in the state of Alaska.

The tribe predicts the social problems it's hoping to get rid of will take generations to overcome, just as they took generations to create. Because the island's wellness programs are so new, just changing one life, one family, is enough."

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