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Understand paper making in a whole new way
Gerry Ring, left, checks results of a hands-on exercise for several students in a recent paper making course.
Are you new to paper making operations?
Transferred from another industry?
Handle maintenance or supervise employees?
Do you have direct reports who would benefit from a greater understanding of the paper making process?

In WIST's immersive, two-day course on paper making, your journey begins with a look at fiber sources and differences between hardwoods and softwoods, tree anatomy and harvesting operations. Continue through basic paper making chemistry and a detailed look at the machine process of paper making from pulping to paper reel, gaining an understanding of paper structure and properties. (See a more detailed topic list here.)

Your instructor, Dr. Gerry Ring, began his career as a research scientist at Kimberly Clark in 1980. An emeritus professor and the former chair of the UW-Stevens Point Department of Paper Science and Chemical Engineering, Ring is widely published, holds four patents, is a TAPPI Fellow and was awarded TAPPI Journal's Best Research Paper for 2011.

You'll enjoy Ring's genial instruction and quickly pick up on his obvious care for the paper industry and continued fascination with the paper making process. Small class sizes allow ample opportunity for your questions and discussion. In the hands-on segment each afternoon, you'll perform operations on the university's Fourdrinier pilot paper machine, working in small groups under guidance of Ring and other UW-Stevens Point faculty and staff.

Invest two days at UW-Stevens Point. See paper making in a whole new way.

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Here's a sampling of comments from prior attendees of this course:

This course was amazing! It gave a high-level overview in a short amount of time. The instructor was able to answer all the questions because of his background - H. Bauman, Rockline Industries

Being new to this industry, this significantly helps with overall knowledge of the paper making process. It really encourages me to be involved and more comfortable in the mill - T. Maquire, Domtar-Nekoosa

The hands-on portion in addition to the lecture provides a unique opportunity for students to immediately apply what they've learned - T. Moore, Green

Read more about the Fourdrinier pilot machine on the WIST website

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