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The key to finding the right candidate for a particular job is not an easy task. As a recruiter it is important to tap into our ability to listen and effectively communicate to make sure we thoughtfully consider the "why" behind an individual's needs.

This article aims to shed light on specific motivating factors of job seekers. We hope you find our insight helpful and welcome any feedback as always.

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Michael Clegg,  
Managing Partner, Technology Industry

Actively searching for a new job, or considering an out of the blue opportunity, can be a very stressful (exciting, emotional) time in one's life. The factors that surround deciding whether to accept a new position, or even consider looking for one, vary profoundly based on a candidates' circumstances and motivation. To be a successful recruiting professional and truly make "good fit" placements, it is important to understand and value each candidate's motives during the interview process.

It would be impossible to identify every single reason a person may choose to make a career move. However, it is possible to pinpoint the top 6 motivators that nearly 99% fall into. Usually it is a combination of these factors that push people to change jobs/ employers. Many times, candidates aren't even acutely aware of their own motivators, but rather driven subconsciously due to a general sense of dissatisfaction in their current position. It is our job as recruiters to "pull-out" that information through pointed, strategic questions and conversations.
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