WhitePaper - Understanding Commercial and Industrial Generator Noise - by Michael Hermes, Sr. Test Engineer, Generac Power Systems
Commercial and Industrial generators are becoming a common and necessary addition for commercial businesses and industrial manufacturing. Their increased presence in cities and industrial parks has brought attention to the noise created by generators and how that noise should be assessed. This brief will explain the various operating modes of commercial/industrial generators as well as the challenges of predicting and measuring noise in order to comply with regulations.
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Successful Solution
YC Power Systems Provides Gilead Sciences a complete backup power solution to ensure all critical load requirements would be met.

Application Background:   An existing building was being updated to become the latest testing & manufacturing facility for Gilead Sciences in Oceanside, CA.  It is critical for the facility to be fully functional even during any power outage.  Due to the volatile nature of the testing samples, procedures and manufacturing, a single loss of power could result in literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost product.  This drove the mandatory need for backup power  Click here to read full successful solution

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