A property with a Delayed Listing Status is a property with a valid listing contract between the seller and the listing broker, however the listing is not available for showings (up to 15 days).
Follow 1.2.3.... Easy Steps to understand & enter a Delayed Listing.
Before you enter a delayed listing, watch this quick video to make sure you understand Delayed Listing Status.
The listing agent and seller must complete Seller's Authorization to Delay Showings form. This form must be uploaded (as page 1) with the listing contract.
The form can be found on MetroMLS.com
  • Select the RESOURCES tab.
  • Next, select FORMS & PROFILE SHEETS tab and finally,
  • Lastly, select the PDF for Sellers Authorization to Delay Showings.

For your convenience, you can also get it here.
When entering a new listing, on the main fields tab, the first section is price/ status. To enter a listing as Delayed on the Main Fields tab, click the drop-down menu for Status and select Delayed.
Great! You're almost ready to enter a delayed listing. Simply review the Q&A and you're all set.
Can you actively market and advertise a listing in delayed status?

  • Signage
  • Ads
  • Social Media
  • Broker sites
Can the start showing date be changed once entered?
Can you show the property while in Delayed Status?
Absolutely NO showings are allowed while the property is in Delayed Listing Status. Failure to follow this rule will lead to sanctions that will not be waived - see page 12 of
Can you include showing date information in the remarks field?
Listing agents and brokers may utilize the "Showing Instructions" field to include the showing date information if they wish to show this in addition to the Start Showing Date filed we have provided.
Is the a Delayed Listing Status a best practice?
Delayed Listing Status is not a best practice and should only be used when absolutely necessary. It was created to help SELLERS who need more time preparing their home for showings. It is not a marketing tool for agents.
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