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August 2, 2015

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 Understanding The "Why" Of the Condition Or Symptoms


I have dedicated my 37 years in practice to finding the "why" that caused whatever the ailment is for each patient.  I realized in school that the practice of medicine does not offer or even attempt to realize the "why" or that the "why" even exists.  Even in alternative health care practices, there may be programs and treatments offered to help one relieve their symptoms or regain their true health, but they are extremely deficient in knowing a process to get to the "why".  Most of the time there are multiple "why's" and it is ultimately important that they be unraveled in a particular order.  I have found that without releasing the "why", the problem will come back, or even worse, move to another location or develop into an entirely different expression of suffering.


Here is an example:  A patient's back goes out doing the simplest movement. In the examination I find that there are several underlying causes behind this expression of loss of stability of the back. I first studied their architecture and found their feet collapsed, even more so on one side causing a high hip on one side.  I then found that one of their shoulders was dysfunctional and that was due to a disc in the neck that was out.  In investigating the neck I found that the eyes were not in sink with body motion, so certain movements caused loss of balance and strength of the muscles.   Now, here comes the questions.  How did the coordinating system of the brain get so fouled up.  In going over the history, I found several past injuries or stresses that had a severe impact on the CNS and stress adaptation systems.  Here are the set of real causes.  By treating these, the real cause is released creating a much more stable body.  Without a clearing of the cause, those system failures would continue to infiltrate thru the body until the body manifests something far worse than a low back problem.


I have literally found that nearly every condition is the manifestation of multiple other problems of which the body can no longer compensate for. Therefore, this is what I suggest:


1.Be regularly checked for imbalances, even prior to the manifestation of symptoms.


2. Be regularly checked for dietary needs and mistakes in choices so as to prevent deficiencies and toxicity.


3. Be regularly checked for supplement programs that   covers your greatest weaknesses.


Maintaining and creating greater health and resilience takes commitment, work, and guidance.  Let me and my colleagues guide you.  No one does this better than Wagner Holistic Center.



Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center

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