July 2018

Incorporating the Psychology of Design
For Your Corporate Event
Don Norman, Design writer and professor, explains  that there are two key takeaways from understanding the psychological effects of visuals:
"First, visuals are the dominant influence in how we make decisions." 
How does this influence your design elements for your next corporate event? Using a pleasing design will encourage attendees from the very first element of the event; the invitation. Incorporating a design that uses colors, images and fonts that are known to have a positive impact will encourage participants to decide to :
  • Open your initial mailing
  • Follow the call to action
  • Encourage others to participate
When you thread those design elements into each follow-up marketing component (website, tickets, subsequent mailings, hotel registration area, signage, vendor booths and take-away gifts), this helps to cement the messaging and company brand.
"Second,  a positive impression on a product or image puts the brain in a relaxed state-the user enjoys using or seeing it-while a negative impression has the opposite effect."
This concept was explained further using an example of an ATM. Two machines were identical in functionality, the only difference was the design element.
"When polled, people who used both ATMs claimed the aesthetic ATM worked better, while the other was said to be difficult to use."

This psychological design principle is worth considering when creating the elements for your next corporate event. Attendees will pre-determine how successful the event will be based on how easy they believe your information is to understand and use. This is important from the initial information package.

Therefore, if design is connecting with your attendees on an emotional level, it makes sense to carry those same design concepts through to the actual corporate event.

In an interview with Julian Lwin,  a spatial innovation and experiential design director, the psychology of design was connected with the bottom line:

How does that (the best possible design) translate when trying to measure ROI?

"Successful brand experiences offer genuine engagement with audiences and attendees. In designing memorable experiences, clients understand the value of empathy. It is this empathy that customers recognize when developing a relationship with a brand - which in turn leads to new and returning business."
As we have heard repeated: people buy from those they like and trust. Therefore, having design elements that inspire trust and promote brand recognition is a sure-fire way to increase sales and earn customer loyalty. 

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