To our community:

We understand that this current global crisis can cause you to worry. However, this unfortunate time does lead to opportunities. For our team, we'd like to take the opportunity to discover more about the two types of worry:

  1. Toxic worry - Heightened sense of vulnerability combined with a diminished feeling of control
  2. Constructive worry - Worry that leads to problem-solving

Outspoken speaker, Dr. Ned Hallowell , dives deep into this topic. Together, let's get past toxic worry and work towards constructive worry during this unfortunate time.

Three Steps to Get Out of Toxic Worry 
Toxic worry has a way of paralyzing, freezing and catastrophizing you. It can lead to bad decisions, no decisions, even avoidance or worse. How can you snap out of this type of worry?

  1. Never worry alone. Talk to someone you trust. The minute you connect with another person by going from isolation to connection with two essential variables change: feeling less vulnerable and feeling more in control.
  2. Get the facts. Toxic worry is almost always rooted in wrong information or no information. You want to get whatever facts you can and that will ground you and will keep you from disappearing into the infinite web of what if. Facts are grounding. Facts will hold you in place. Pick your sources carefully, especially those who are not experts and are rooted in the wrong information. 
  3. Based on the facts, make a plan. All plans are subject to review. That's what life is about - revising plans. We're much better off having a plan than not. When you have a plan, you feel more in control and less vulnerable, even if the plan doesn't work. 

Opportunities for Adjustment

For Companies: 
For your company, Vitamin Connect—what Dr. Hallowell calls the other Vitamin C—can happen remotely through video conferences and calls to make teams feel united while they are physically alone in this period of transition. 

For Schools:  
For schools, they can interact with students virtually to maintain continuity. This way, students can connect with their teachers, professors and administration, so students don't feel as lost.

It's possible to turn your toxic worry into constructive worry. We hope you're able to stay healthy and safe!
WATCH: Vitamin Connect During Times of Worry
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