Apr 17, 2022
Suzanne Hunt
Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Understanding your intuition
Hello spiritual friends!
Last month our topic was listening to our inner wisdom (if you missed it, copies are all out on my website on the Spiritual Message Blog tab). This month, I would like to continue that discussion with more understanding about our natural intuition.

Many of you already have great clarity in this area and may be looking to just sharpen the focus. Others may be ready to open up this space and bring in the benefits of intuitive insight into your life. Cultivating a connection with our own personal guidance system helps us feel spiritually supported, more confident about our decision-making and brings clarity when there are too many options.

We live in an advanced and modern era when professional advice is everywhere. There are libraries of information on every topic and an answer for any question can be found with a click on the phone or computer. Social media influencers, YouTube videos, news and talk show hosts, politicians and even our family and friends have an opinion about the question that is deep in our hearts and minds. In this day and age, one problem we face is there is too much information available, which can be overwhelming and confusing. We find ourselves asking, what is right for me? Which direction do I want to choose? Building confidence in our own internal guidance system can offer the peace we are looking for to set direction, take a step or even just create space for more reflection.

One challenge is that there are no clear-cut instruction manuals on how to increase intuitive clarity. Intuitive messages are distinct to each individual, whether they are visual, audio, feeling or inner knowingness. Our intuition is as unique as our own DNA or fingerprint. While we may perceive intuitive messages coming in from spirit, our higher self, another person or being, they are filtered through our own personal storehouse of information, experiences, feelings and memories.

This leads us to one reason why many of us feel like we don't have intuition, or that we doubt the messages we receive. The analytical part of our brain says, "those are just my thoughts, so that can't be intuition". The intuitive message feels too familiar. Maybe we were expecting something different, and we discount it as our imagination. The analytical brain likes things to add up and balance back to the source, like a bank account. The analyzer within us likes proof and evidence and will discount those intuitive messages.

When we invalidate our messages, it is like to turning the volume down on the intuitive antenna until we can't hear or recognize it anymore. Then we begin to feel like we have lost the connection. How can we open up our intuitive awareness?

Imagination is key
I like to think of the relationship between our states of awareness as a horizontal line or continuum, with our alert-analytical mind on one side and our deep unconscious mind on the other. Levels of awareness move from 1) Alert and awake, 2) relaxed and calm, 3) deep relaxation, 4) meditative state with mental imagery, 5) and deep unconscious mind.

Mental imagery is the language of our visual intuitive messages. Our imagination is one of the major pathways for intuitive visual images to flow into our conscious mind. We must be willing to entertain imagination to let these messages flow. It is our creative energy working with our intuition. Audio messages such as voice, words or thoughts heard in our mind are stimulated by giving them both freedom and imagination. Intuitive feelings or gut instincts are a felt body-sense and must also be interpreted by the mind to be cataloged and understood, for example: "What am I feeling?" Without imagination we may try to ignore or discount our intuitive feelings. And while a sense of knowingness is generally more direct and concrete, but we still do need to engage a sense of internal freedom to embrace it.

Setting intention
Intention cultivates our intuitive awareness like fertilizer stimulates a growing plant. Last month's message was focused on nurturing quiet time for inner connection. Giving our imagination plenty of space to flourish, especially in quiet time grows our intuition. We can set intentions for our goals and dreams and then watch and notice the language of our imagination when it speaks. We may receive images, nudges, thoughts, words, feelings that give us an impulse to act. Pay attention to the language of your inner voice. You may want to journal about your experiences or talk with a trusted friend.

In my spiritual growth classes, we work with imagination and intention to create self-healing by releasing those old thoughts and tapes that no longer support us. We use empowering visualizations to generate the life experience we truly want. You can do this for yourself, simply by visualizing what you want to create and igniting it with intention. Intention and visualization are a powerful combination when used together!

Another important component of intuitive awareness is the ability to be neutral. Neutrality is setting aside our emotions or thoughts that may not be supportive. Learn to set aside fear, worry, stress, effort or control, so you can let intuitive information flow in divine grace and timing. If we want something too badly, we may become attached to the outcome. The emotions of the attachment can interfere with our neutrality. We can't "make" intuitive information come to us. But we can set intention and then be in a space of allowing the information to flow naturally.

Neutrality means setting aside any self-criticism or judgement about our intuitive information. It is recognizing that we are all on an individual journey of life and learning to honor and appreciate the experience. Neutrality must be cultivated and may take some time.

In summary:
  • Validate your imagination as an intuitive doorway
  • Be intentional about what you want to create
  • Practice neutrality

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Blessings to you on your spiritual journey!
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