Unemployment Compensation Data by Town
The state Department of Labor released preliminary date regarding unemployment compensation claims by town, age, industry, etc.

Here is link to the data.
Some towns have asked for this data to give them some indication as to how unemployment may affect local residents, needs, and property tax collections.

FAQ: Understanding these Initial Claim (IC) and Continued Claim (CC) tables Initial Claims are applications for Unemployment Benefits. Initial Claims may not result in receiving UI benefits if the individual doesn't qualify.

Continued Claims are total number of individuals being paid benefits in any particular week.

The initial claims reported in these tables are "processed" claims to the extent that duplicates and "reopened" claims have been eliminated.

The claim counts you see in the tables may not match claim counts from other sources.
Because of the pandemic related events claims are being filed at historically unprecedented levels creating processing backlogs of 3-5 weeks.

Claims filed for a particular week will change as time goes on and the backlog is addressed. It may be useful to revisit these tables over a period of weeks.

The counts from other reports are valid as of a particular date and may not reflect updates as the backlog is addressed.

Counts from DOL's online application system will not match initial claim counts because of duplication, disqualifying factors, and backlog issues.

Unemployment claims represent only one component of the unemployed. Claims do not account for those not covered under the Unemployment system (e.g. federal workers, railroad workers or religious workers) or the unemployed self-employed.

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