Newsletter October 2019
Two weeks after Tracie attended the BYH, her husband Chris went to the men’s event in September. Though she was nervous for how their relationship would change and the level of trust and faith it was going to require to walk through the Battle process together as a couple, they are already seeing fruits of the work God is doing in each of their lives.
“I couldn't name my emotions much less talk about them," Chris said as he reflected on himself before attending the BYH. “ I feel like I haven't gone far in the BYH journey, but I'm seeing some great results even at my slow pace of learning how to be more aware of myself and others. I'm learning each day what it
takes to truly be in a relationship with my wife and kids.”

“We are both engaging in conversation in a more open and accepting manner,” Tracie said upon reflecting on the change they are already experiencing as a couple. As we are realizing that there are desires down deep that have gone unmet, we have a newfound compassion and understanding as well as a new appreciation for one another. Though we have had some points of pain in a few conversations, the process of getting to the deeper desires and deeper issues though sometimes not easy- is becoming a more natural and it feels healthy.”
Their growth just in the last few months has given them each hope for the future not only for themselves but also for others.
“I think the beauty that lies before my husband and myself is only a taste of what God had in mind in the garden. To know and be known by both God and my spouse in a deeply connected and intimate way is the heart of God- and for that I am eager, excited and grateful to experience. “
- Tracie
“I never knew that I needed this journey until the retreat opened my eyes. If anybody goes on this retreat and fully devotes their focus and effort on the process, then God will capture their heart and show them a vision of life that is more vibrant and real then anything they knew before.”
- Chris

We want to see more hearts captured and given vision for a life that is more vibrant and real than anything they knew before.
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