The owner told me about her special long friendship with this horse. He really is an unfaltering friend.

The acrylic on canvas was at times handled in a very watercolour manner; lots of transparent glazes. It's the largest that I have done of an animal - I'm guessing his head might be close to life size. Working larger allowed me to use techniques that would have been more difficult on a small painting. Size matters with some ways of painting. Hope you like it!

Notes and changes for upcoming courses:

Fabulous Flowers - Only 4 places remaining in afternoon class, room for more in evening class. We will be working 12" x 16" the first week. The rest of the painting sizes will be given out week 1 with the course outline. Also, I have decided to change up one of the assigned paintings.  We will be doing "Bouquet of Light" that was featured in your email last week. Check it out here - Art Courses with Cheryl O

Monet: Skies & Water - This class is full with a waiting list. The first week we will be working 12" x 12". The 16" x 20" previously mentioned will be used in a later week. Sorry for any inconvenience. The rest of the painting sizes will be given out week 1 with the course outline.

Drawing Class - Room for 1 more in the afternoons, and 3 more evenings. Please bring lots of scrap paper, a 4B pencil, and any type of pencil sharpener to the first class.

Let me know if you have any questions. Starting soon - yay!

Cheryl O

Today's Quote:

"A friend is one who knows you, 
and loves you just the same."

Elbert Hubbard