April 2020
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What Defines a Project:
Appearance or Underlying Motivation?
by Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG
Whatever it is that lights up your mind defines what you do and why you do it. If you understand this concept, you'll discover your true motivation behind what you do, and it's not because of what it appears to be. Need an example?
Let's say you set out to build a birdhouse. What is your motivation? Is it to end up with a completed birdhouse? Or, rather, is it to learn what it's like to build one? If you have ADHD, chances are that you have several unfinished projects that you started before you understood what motivated you to do any one of them. Your motivation was to get the experience firsthand.... to learn how to do it. Not to have a finished birdhouse, for instance.

If this resonates with you, please read my blogpost, "What Defines a Project: Appearance or Underlying Motivation?" You can learn to manage yourself with more intent and celebrate your success for what it is... without shame through the lens of Society's ignorance. Check it out: www.digcoaching.com/what-defines-a-project/
Jeff Copper
ADHD and Attention Coach

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ADHD and Disconnects Between Organization and Logic
Organization is a challenge for those with ADHD. On a basic level, we categorize things: utensils in the kitchen, clothes in the bedroom, tools in the garage. But how do you remember where something is if it doesn’t fit into a logical spot? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews professional organizer and founder of Organizing Maniacs, Cris Sgrott ( www.organizingmaniacs.com ). They talk about the challenges of this dilemma and the role working memory plays, as well as revealing insight to help you organize and find things when they have to go in an illogical place. If you struggle with organization, this show will be helpful for you to problem-solve. http://tobtr.com/11686631
ADHD Tools: Visual and Verbal Triggers
Those with ADHD have a taxed working memory, and many of them need visual reminders or triggers that help them remember something or recall knowledge. In this episode, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares lessons learned in coaching those with ADHD on using questions as a trigger, a tool to recall or to help retrieve existing knowledge in order to activate. If you have ADHD, you'll want to listen to this discussion. http://tobtr.com/11686613
ADHD and Sleep: It’s Complicated, a 2-Part Series
Many with ADHD struggle with sleep. Stimulant medications can sometimes help or exacerbate sleep issues. In this two-part series on Attention Talk Radio, attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper
interviews the very insightful Dr. Roberto Olivardia on the topic. They characterize sleep, explain the process of adhering to sleep hygiene, and discuss sleep issues diagnosed independent of ADHD, as well as provide tips and mindsets to manage sleep. If you can’t sleep and are reading this at 2 a.m., you might need to listen to this insightful series.
ADHD and Online Dating
You can meet your significant other the old-fashioned way or by online dating. Since those with ADHD are twice as likely to get a divorce, many are turning to online dating. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper and his guest Laura talk about online dating and share insights to help you manage your emotions. They also offer tips on what to think about or pay attention to if you find yourself searching for a significant other. If you have ADHD and are no longer in a long-term relationship, listen for helpful insights. http://tobtr.com/11657627
ADHD, Politics, Work, Frustration, and Conflict of Interest
Often those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder get frustrated, especially when others don’t get it. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews guest EV to discuss the concept of conflict of interest. They give specific examples of how it manifests and how it is often the elephant in the room, as well as how mindsets can help you deal with things more effectively both emotionally and tactically. If you have disconnects in your world, if people just don’t get, if you don’t understand why someone isn’t doing what you think they should do, this show will help you gain insight. http://tobtr.com/11657223

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Hocus Pocus! Finding Your System in ADHD Chaos
Got ADHD? Feel disorganized? Maybe you aren't as disorganized as you think. In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares an example of finding a system within what feels like chaos. Jeff shares a real example of an individual he worked with who didn't feel she had a system. After mapping out her existing system, we began to understand that she had a system that actually was very efficient, why the system was the way it was, and why all other organizational systems didn't work for her. If you want to understand what's going on, especially in the realm of ADHD and organization or disorganization, you’ll want to watch this video. https://youtu.be/xvmUKxw51Mk
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ADHD: Reality of Alarms and Reminders
External reminders are very helpful to those with ADHD. Question is: Why do we often ignore them? In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares his insight as to the reason, illuminates the underlying issues, and talks about key concepts to problem-solve around the challenge. If your alarms and reminders are not working for you, then you need to understand why not so they WILL work for you. This video is a good first step in the process.   https://youtu.be/D3HqapFjfHo
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ADHD and Relationships: When Helping Hurts Relationships
Can help sometimes actually foster learned helplessness? In this episode of Attention Talk Video ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews ADHD relationship consultant Melissa Orlov ( www.adhdmarriage.com ) around the need to be aware of the fact that helping can actually hurt a relationship and to educate on understanding how to recognize and let go of helping. If you are in an ADHD relationship, watch and gain insights. https://youtu.be/GQv_6FAcTS0
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ADHD: Non-Linear Learning
Many of those with ADHD don't learn in a linear fashion. They tend to ping pong all over the place, bouncing from topic to topic based on what they're interested in. In the long term, do they actually learn? Or is it a waste of time? In this video, ADHD coach Jeff Copper shares a personal experience of how his nonlinear learning over a period of time is starting to come together in a very orderly way. Jeff shares his insight, hopes, and observations from his personal experience to inspire you to stick to the learning method that best suits you. If you need inspiration and if you're a non-linear learner, this is a video you won't want to miss. https://youtu.be/3Q5aQIW11cg
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ADHD Clutter Tip: Multiview Devaluation
If you have ADHD, getting rid of clutter isn’t so easy. If it were easy, you would have gotten rid of it already. In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews professional organizer Cris Sgrott ( www.organizingmaniacs.com ). Cris talks about how many times we are attached to clutter for emotional reasons and shares a tool she uses called "Multiview Devaluation" to help you detach yourself from things and let them go. If you struggle to let go of your clutter, watch Cris as she shares her strategy with you. https://youtu.be/5yBrZvUe9es
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ADHD and Relationships: The Power of Encouragement
Everyone notices mistakes or flaws, especially ADHD struggles. How empowering is it when someone notices and encourages you? Especially in ADHD relationships. In this episode of Attention Talk Video ADHD coach Jeff  Copper interviews ADHD relationship consultant Melissa Orlov ( www.adhdmarriage.com ) on the powerful dynamic of encouragement in relationships. https://youtu.be/s3N0oFFH8Fk
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