Hi friend,

Here we are - crossing the threshold into a new season! Can you feel it? Ever since I was a child, I've always felt a distinct and exciting shift every time September arrives. You can feel the bittersweet subtleties of summer fading away as the soft whispers of fall slowly grow louder. Autumn has always been my favorite season because it is a reminder of just how truly beautiful the process of transformation is. The heat of summer has caused our energy to rise, bringing to the surface bits of awareness and insight from the deep depths of our subconscious while melting away what no longer serves us. Come into focus. Your dreams/visions/goals are begging to be noticed & called into existence. Do not fear your own enormity. You've got this. Now is the time to look inward & return to the root - where you came from and where you are going. Just as the animals will start to gather food + shelter for the winter, you can use this sacred time to ask yourself for exactly what you need.

You have overcome & learned so much in the last season and now it is time to evolve. You are shedding old layers to reveal your highest, most elevated self. Your community has your back. Gather your energy, thoughts and intentions... It's time to transform. I'm ready... and I know you are too.

All my love + gratitude,
Leigha Rose Oldham, GM
our Spotify picks for a long weekend...

10a super labor day vinyasa w/ Naomi
*all other regularly scheduled classes canceled.

wellbeing: reiki level one.
Wellbeing, Reiki Level 1, led by Reiki Master Jessica Jordan, is a self care workshop for those interested in holistic ways to reset, relax and self soothe. This workshop is ideal for those in positions of nurture and healing, perhaps a parent, caregiver, medical professional, yoga instructor...
09.06.19 | 6p | the palace

syp herbal academy: the holistic home.
Chemical free cleaning is a very popular topic because we ALL want to know how to maintain our homes without exposing ourselves, our loved ones, littles and fur kids to all the toxic things in the world! This workshop will empower you with knowledge to clean gently with some of our favorite DIYs, tips, and tricks using essential oils.
09.10.19 | 1030a | the palace.

full moon in pisces: a reiki circle + lunar gathering.
Join Leigha Oldham, Jessica Jordan & Rachel Fox Poteet for a powerful moon beam reiki circle that will mold your manifestations into reality and elevate you to new heights. We’ll tune into the mystical/introspective nature of Pisces with a soulful sound bath, chakra cleansing meditation and more. It won't be the same without you!
09.12.19 | 730p | the palace

syp adventures: road trip retreat.
We're hitting the road! Join SYP soul sister, Kristin Goss, for a one-of-a-kind road trip experience to Possum Kingdom Lake - just a few hours outside of DFW. Connect with the great outdoors, relax, unwind and gather with community - glamping style. Enjoy a mix of gentle yoga, nature infused meditations, games, fire pit wind-downs and more.
09.20-09.22.19 | possum kingdom lake

syp herbal academy: elderberry + immunity.
Elderberry, flowers and bark have long been a favorite of herbalists. Studies have also shown the berries’ as an excellent plant ally to support immunity during times when our body's systems are stressed. Make + Take your own elderberry syrup with the SYP family this fall.
09.24.19 | 1p | the palace

join the fam, get a free tee.
Our mission is to cultivate a life we love and love the life we choose. You feel us?

Wear the mantra loud and proud! For a limited time only, receive a FREE 'love the life you choose' tee* when you sign up for any of our monthly or yearly memberships.
*while supplies last. class cards not included in promotion.