Spring is the time of year to unfurl, both literally and figuratively. In the literal sense, the fiddlehead pictured to the right, is one that Joan and Marc Plisko marveled at during a recent morning hike in Patapsco State Park. With enough rain, sunshine, and the right soil conditions, these beautiful fiddleheads enjoy their seasonal transformation. 
     Metaphorically, spring is the time of year to unfurl the professional goals and objectives that you developed at the beginning of the year. Having sowed and tended to your projects now is the time to calculate your project progress. Are you rooted and on track for achieving and maintaining the targets you set? Did you set stretch goals? Can you speed up or slow down your efforts for optimal implementation? What other resources do you need to be successful? Is there enough diversity in the mix?
     If you need a framework for developing your goals and objectives, view a  strategic dashboard template to get your creative juices flowing. Now is the time to unfurl your professional ideas and strategies and enjoy the wonderful transformation of your efforts!